Electronic Dance Music Duo

A new electronic dance music duo has been coming to our screens more often lately. They are the sensation in the club scene right now, making them some of the most sought after artists. The two most famous members of this team are Andy Cudi and Diplo. They are from different musical backgrounds, but have created a unique and interesting blend of pop/electronic music that is adored by fans around the world. Here is a brief overview of their careers so far, including where they from and what they like best about each of them.

This band formed in the early to mid 90s, starting out as just a hardcore electronic hardcore band. They were an immediate hit and went on to sell millions of records. But it was their hit single “Take Me Away” that really kick started their careers. After that they gained even more popularity with songs like “Aquasoline” and” Sundays”, proving how well they can push an electronic beat.

These guys are the younger members of the electronic dance music duo Diplo and Andy Cudi. The first time I saw them was at a party somewhere around the time of their massive chart topping hit “Rx Virgo”. Their original outfit was very skimpily put together, but they quickly changed into what is known today as the very recognizable image of Cudi. At the time they were both in very young company, and this was just another reason why they were so impressive. When they were together Diplo was a very confident, slightly confused artist, while Cudi was still wild and full of energy.

Their first major record was the self-titled 1997 song, Black Ice. It was one of the biggest hits of that year and remains a favorite with many. After a few years apart they reunited for the fantastic soundtrack to the movie, There’s Something About Mary. This time they went back to doing what they do best, creating electronic pop and hip-hop masterpieces. Once again they were major hits in the digital world.

One of my personal favorites of theirs is their sophomore album, Carnival Of Noise. Here they once again return to the bright colors and bright lines of their early work. Their production work here was simply phenomenal, and their performances were simply out of this world. This band has a sound for something completely new and unique, and they are not afraid to show it. They have also gained a reputation as some of the most versatile electronic dance music duo working right now.

This artist and his team have also created some of the most interesting and adventurous beats and sounds to be found anywhere. They combine some of the best from drum programming and sampling from a variety of other locations. Their music often makes you wonder where they got the ideas for certain sections of their songs. That sort of creativity and intrigue never goes out of style.

The last electronic dance music duo we’ll discuss is No Frills. Formed in 1995 in Los Angeles, No Frills is headed by producers Mark Linn-Baker and Jason Shaw. Though they are considered a new generation group, they have been making electronic dance music for many years. They have an easy feel and sound to their arrangements, which can be hard to define sometimes. If you like lush landscapes, then you will love them.

When you are looking to make sure that your electronic dance music is unique and creative, then you should definitely listen to No Frills. They are definitely worth digging for, if you ever stumble across their recordings. They also just happen to be one of those bands that always have a set of music that seems to be able to match up with whatever kind of mood that you might be in at that moment. It’s almost impossible to get this sort of quality at any other time. You’ll probably have to hear several No Frills albums before you even realize what they are.

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