Electronic Dance Music Euphoria 2021

Electronic dance music or EDM is a worldwide phenomena and this year promises to be no different with an endless list of DJs and producers getting together to celebrate this genre. Every year electronic dance music concerts and tours are becoming more popular as they connect new artists with fans from around the world. This means that there is a lot of potential in this type of music when it comes to the future. We look at three ways that this electronic dance music can feature in 2021. Let’s take a look.

The obvious is that trance like electronic dance music will feature in the upcoming year. We’ve already seen elements of it on record. ‘roid rage’ was one huge hit with UK dance music fans last year featuring Disclosure and Martin Garrix among others. trance is growing in popularity thanks to such songs as ‘Klingonite’ by Disclosure and ‘Losing It’ by Robin Thicke. Now we have James Blunt and Kasabian both come out with their own versions.

Hard house has been around for years and it’s certainly something to get excited about in terms of the future of electronic dance music. Many big name DJs have had their comebacks with hard house in recent years, and although it hasn’t peaked yet, it will no doubt feature heavily in 2021. One of the biggest factors behind this is of course the Ibiza scene, which has helped hard house to grow and take off. If you’re looking for some clubbing action this summer, Ibiza is the place to be.

Another aspect of this year’s dance music is breakcore. This is a relatively newer genre but it has taken off well. A lot of the music features Massive Attack and other renowned hardline producers. It will most likely feature heavily in the forthcoming chill out and downtempo music festivals. Look out for things like Planet Mu and Acid Planet in 2021.

UK trance and tribal music festival are also something to look out for. This will be held during October in London. There are already some notable acts confirmed including Chase and Status, but more are expected to be announcements soon. As with the breakcore and hard house music festivals, expect to see a lot of white label producers getting involved. White label producers tend to run tracks and edit tracks to help bring out the best sound from a track.

With the Ibiza scene so important, why not take it one step further and get yourself a digital download of this year’s best hit single? The track names for this year are Pharrell Williams and Google. The single ‘Look At Me Now’ is set to be one of the biggest single downloads of the year with the trailer featuring dancers from the red carpets of Hollywood behind it. If that wasn’t enough for you, just remember to look out for the new Ibiza decks which will be coming out next year to help take the dance culture to the next level.

In terms of producing, we have yet to see anything from the new supergroup Tiesto, but if they’re any good at what they do, they’ll turn the whole genre on its head. Expect a new range of ultra-deep house sounds to feature heavily alongside the more traditional hard core sounds of 2021. What we are sure of, though, is that the ultra-high volume 1 sounds heard on most of the major club albums of the past will never be replicated in full detail on any mainstream radio station again. That’s because Tiesto’s sound has such a unique quality that only they can pull it off.

In short, we’re expecting a return to the deep house sounds heard on the 2021 versions of Tiesto’s albums, with added variations on the ultra deep techno and harder house sounds heard on his first two albums. Expect some truly mind-blowing productions this year and beyond as producers from across the world unite to bring you the new Ibiza Volume 2, alongside the equally exciting White Label imprint. Don’t miss out on all the amazing sounds this style of music has to offer by having a listen to Ibiza Volume 2 before it drops. We’re sure you won’t be able to wait until it does.

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