Electronic Dance Music Euphoria

Electronic dance music is all the rage this year. Everyone wants to know what is in store for them next season of EDM. This year promises plenty of it, as we enter into the “New Year.” This is the best time of the year for electronic dance music fans to purchase and enjoy new music from their favorite artists.

Many artists are returning to the studio after long breaks to lay down some new material. collaborations have been set up by many notable DJs and producers. Bong-Ra, Krewella and Vicetone have put together an impressive CD which should appeal to a wide variety of electronic dance music fans. Expect major name artists such as No I.D, Oceana, Diplo, Avicii and Maksim for the “EDM Anniversary” (January 4th) release. Here are some of my favorite tracks on the new Bong-Ra & Krewella album “EDM Anniversary.”

This track is a collaboration between Martin Garrix & Avicii. The two DJs have crafted a track that is sure to please those in the party mode and the hard rock fans. Both are masters at creating viral sensations with hits such as “Touch” and “Blurred”. If you like what you hear, be prepared for this to be one of the most requested songs on your EDM radio station this year.

This track is another great example of the collaborations being sought out by many of today’s top DJ’s. Disclosure is known for getting back together with bands they like (read: Jack U, Rihanna & Tyga). Now, they’re trying to make a hit for the electronic dance music genre. The song, “Shelter” features Disclosure at his lyrical best while he and Rihanna perform to the tune.

One artist that has been slowly growing in popularity recently is Chromeo. The collaboration between this British duo and Chromeo comes in the form of this single “Explain Me.” Chromeo performs with a raw and futuristic sound that is very reminiscent of producers such as Diplo & rigging. A lot of dance fans may not know this but Chromeo first went popular with the “Wyclefornia” song.

This song was featured on their self titled album. It’s worth noting that Chromeo is actually one half of the duo that is Zayles. On this track he’s joined by Dan The Beat Machine. The beat is constructed with sample sounds from a wide array of sources. They also used a drum beat that is constantly repeating. There are a couple of sample voices that are added into the mix to give it a little extra authenticity.

This track is another great example of how artists are working with samples to create the perfect beat for an online song. The beat is just not steady enough to stand out. Instead it seems to have this “letting go” kind of vibe that will have you dancing along. Dan The Beat Machine does have the beat for this track on his self titled album, and many people seem to dig this beat.

These are just a few examples of what is available out there today in terms of electronic dance music. With so many genres and so many ways to mix things up, it can be hard to narrow down the best of the best. However, by listening to some of the more popular songs out there, you’ll quickly start to get a feel for what’s hot and what’s not. Just remember, the quality of a song is only as good as the production, and you should do your best to find a reputable producer that has a great ear for what a song needs to have.

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