Electronic Dance Music in Atlanta

Electronic dance music Atlanta gives you a wide array of selections to choose from. This is an excellent place to hone your musical talents as a guitarist and create some interesting sounds. You might want to specialize in some style of electronic dance music at Atlanta. There are DJs that specialize in only some types of music. For example, if you are interested in reggae then you will not find the same selection as if you entered a club specializing in house music. Your interests will be unique and can only be found at electronic dance music at Atlanta.

Club Metroplex is a great place for electronic dance music at Atlanta. It has been a top club for DJ music for many years. The main stage features the hottest DJs and producers in the industry. It also has an impressive line up of live acts each weekend. This club is located off the north end of the Silver Spire Mall in Buckhead.

Club 25 is another great club for electronic dance music at Atlanta. This club is located inside the historic Buckhead area of the city. Club 25 is known for featuring some of the top DJ’s in the world. This club hosts international dance music events.

Club Metroplex is another popular electronic music club for Atlanta residents. This club is another fixture in the Buckhead area. It is known for its massive sound system and a huge dance floor. You will love the large stage and the lighting. This club is open most nights during the week.

Club Sunday is another club that features some of the best electronic music in the world. Club Sunday is located inside the historic Buckhead area. This club features two separate dance floors, but both feature plenty of electronic music for your dance floor experience. The club is open Sunday through Friday. This is another club that is popular among many people, as well as the kids.

The Atlanta nightlife is not complete without a stop at Club XP. This club features some electronic dance music, some country music, and some classic rock music. If you are looking for a good old fashion smores breakfast this is the place for you. Club XP also features a very large billiards table.

Club Xtreme is another Atlanta electronic dance music club. Club Xtreme serves up everything a true Southern music lover could want. This club features top notch talent that is sure to please any taste. Music plays such a large role at Club Xtreme. They play music from the likes of Outkast, Lil Kim, T-ara, and many others.

If you are looking for a place to go that will offer you electronic music, food, and dancing to your favorite kind of music this would be the place for you. These three clubs in Atlanta will surely make you wish you were in the south. So get out there and enjoy!

Another Atlanta electronic dance music club that you must check out is 10 Alive. This club rocks. They play mostly new age music and a few classic tracks. You will not hear any annoying pop songs here. The club provides drinks and appetizers to keep your palate happy.

Club Metro at Buckhead is another favorite in the area. This club houses some of the top DJ’s in the area as well as some very talented live acts. Club Metro caters mostly to the college crowd. If you are a college student living in Atlanta, and want to party all night long this is the club for you. There is a bar inside this club with live music seven nights a week.

If you are looking for electronic dance music in general this is the place for you. House of Blues is Atlanta’s most known club for party type music. If you are in town for any reason and want to check out some music, this is the place. The Club offers an open bar all night long. There is karaoke at night and some great dancing during the day.

Club Metro, House of Blues, and 10 Alive are some of the most popular clubs. The best thing about these clubs is they all play the same kind of music, but at different times. Some play techno, some play reggae, some get real reggae and hip hop, and some even have a mix of both. You will never be bored in Atlanta, Georgia, because there are so many clubs featuring electronic dance music.

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