Electronic Dance Music in Chicago

Dance music in Chicago is a multi-generational affair; the residents enjoy hip-hop and techno and the DJ’s from other cultures cross to give it a more global flavor. It is also a place where youngsters, in their young age groups, love to groove and rock. The electronic dance music of Chicago has given birth to new styles and influences that have taken it to new heights. Here are some notable names from the electronic music scene in Chicago that you should know about.

House music has been dominating the electronic dance music scene for over three decades now. With producers like Carl Cox and Fazer, the genre gained worldwide popularity in the late 90s. Today, Chicago is synonymous with house music. DJ’s at clubs like Club 720 and House Mix allow residents to experience the ‘house feel’ of the Cajun style of electronic dance music.

No matter what genre of music you’re into, chances are you can be found at least somewhat playing it at one point in your life. People go to clubs and other places of entertainment to dance, and this is where you will find most people with an interest in electronic dance music. Dance clubs offer a wide variety of music for people to choose from, so do not be afraid to let your feet shake and your mind wander. It is a great way to meet people and have fun; after all, you might even strike up a new friend or two!

Hip hop is another popular form of electronic dance music in Chicago. DJs at clubs like Houseburner, Mansion, and Suburbia continually crank out classics that have stood the test of time. This type of electronic music tends to be hard to decipher when first heard; it is generally a signature sound that makes it a favorite of many listeners. It has also become a style of its own, with many DJs creating personalized sets for their audiences. Chicago hip hop has made DJ’ing very accessible and very popular.

Latin electronic music is another popular form. There are clubs in Chicago dedicated entirely to Latin beats and rhythms. While this form of dance is generally not as “mainstream” as the other types, it is growing in popularity. Many clubs are beginning to offer this type of electronic music as an option for those who would prefer it over other options. Chicago’s Latin nightclubs are becoming more prevalent and well known; they are a good place to catch a glimpse of the future of electronic dance music in Chicago.

Popular among all generations and all walks of life, party dance music is the main staple of electronic dance music in Chicago. Bass music and hip hop are two sides of this dynamic dance music that can offer anyone an endless amount of enjoyment. Party dance music is upbeat, happy, and a good time for all; anyone who hears it will get into it. Clubbing isn’t the only choice; Chicago has a wide variety of smaller venues that host private parties as well.

For a quieter time with friends, electronic dance music in Chicago is easily found. The more underground varieties of Chicago dance music have become much more accessible, allowing people the chance to experience a more personal connection to it and a more intimate setting. This personal and intimate setting is what makes electronic dance music in Chicago so special; it allows people to make new friends and experiences that last a lifetime.

What sets Chicago aside from other cities for electronic dance music? Well, for starters; Chicago is very large. Considering how many people live here, there has to be something special about it, right? It is probably something to do with the fact that we have a rich history and a wide variety of musical influences; it is a never ending process. There is also the fact that Chicago is home to some of the finest clubs in the United States. This combination allows Chicago electronic dance music to stand apart from the rest of the competition.

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