Electronic Dance Music Means You Must Research

A history of electronic dance music documentary. A documentary history of rave in electronic dance music. Both the music and the film captures the essence of the underground rave community and unearths the fusion of an alternative ethic, technological advancement and spiritual enlightenment through advances in electronic music technology, the DIY ethic, and the flowering of new spirituality. The history of electronic dance music can be described as a counter-cultural rebellion against mainstream societal expectations of what it means to be cool, hip and happening. This counterculture movement was born out of the underground scene of crews and producers who found the need to define their artistic identity and perform on an artistic level that wasn’t dictated by mainstream societal trends.

Electronic dance music documentary was first introduced in the late eighties by crews like the producers and DJs who were cutting edge producers and DJ’s from the New York/California area who were pushing the boundaries of what was possible in House music. Their music conveyed a message of revolution and anti-war, that resonated with the hearts and minds of millions around the world. Their underground counterparts were equally influential in bridging the gap between radio and fans all over the world. The evolution of electronic dance music documentary was defined by a hardcore anti-social element, whose goal was to demarcate themselves from the mainstream crowd by carving out a unique space for themselves within the parameters of popular music. The documentary traces this underground movement back to the birth of rave, and chronicles the evolution of the rave scene from its inception to present day. Ultimately it would signify the dawn of hip hop and rap music.

The history of electronic dance music documentaries would eventually evolve into two main genres that crossed the border between underground crews and major labels. The first was techno or club music which was typified by a hard techno sound and dark yet melodic undertones. This sound was led by producers like John Cage and was characterized by a massive amount of synthesized sounds and beats. The second form was House music, which was more musical and downtempered than techno and more focused on production than the vocals. It was led by producers like Kanye West and was heavily effected by the new wave of producers who were cutting edge producers and featured heavily in these movies.

Both these styles have since then gone their separate ways but their influence continues to thrive and take shape in new forms like the hard house sound. A good example of this is the rise of Disclosure who are leading an impressive wave of producers who are influenced by the hard house sound. These electronic dance music documentaries give a fascinating insight into the industry and show just why producers of this genre continue to push the boundaries and create new sounds all the time.

Another essential element of this electronic documentary film is in the style and production value of the videos. Often you will be able to spot a clear link to the producer by the style and production on display. If it is a video from a renowned studio like Diplo or something from the legendary London label London Grammeria then you can be almost certain that you are on the right track. Often the styles and techniques used in hard house and soft house are brought to new levels by these producers and videos made this way really does set the standard for what other producers are trying to achieve.

A further point of interest can be the industry itself. Electronic dance music is a competitive field and many producers look to show their skills and craftsmanship. Look at the video for Disclosure. This was produced by one of the biggest record labels in the world and shows a clear understanding of exactly how the business runs and how it influences the world. You can clearly see the influences of technology and production on this track.

One final point that might be made about this electronic dance music means of learning more about the history is the amount of time and effort that has been put into researching it. This is obviously a massive industry with hundreds of artists and producers attempting to break in and influence the sound. Look at the huge number of videos that have been released, not to mention the amount of documentaries, blogs, podcasts and articles that have been written and released around the world. The amount of footage and documentation is enormous and often quite hard to understand sometimes. This documentary film would allow a potential viewer to get a better insight into exactly what it is about.

Clearly the best way to learn about electronic dance music means of educating yourself is by watching as many videos and documentaries as you can. The more you watch the more likely you are to pick up information and tips that you can apply in your own productions. It’s also worth looking at websites such as Coaching Dreams because they have a massive amount of free training material and videos covering all sorts of subjects. If you combine that with reading books and articles that are aimed at helping you improve, you will have the best chance of reaching your full potential as an artist.

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