Electronic Dance Music Podcast – Finding New Artists and Info

A podcast is basically a playback of music played at a high rate of speed. Music in a podcast lacks the normal distortion that can be heard in regular music files. Also, many of these electronic dance music podcast’s feature original music from various genres. The artists in these electronic dance music podcast’s may also have their own albums that are available on their website or iTunes store.

One such electronic dance music podcast is “rave parties”. The host(s) of this podcast give out very rare and hard to find tracks from various artists that are unheard of by mainstream audiences. They are also often ones that only listeners who have an interest in electronic dance music will enjoy. These songs are usually released on limited numbers. Often times, they are only available through the internet. Most of these tracks were recorded at “rave parties”, which is another term for an open house party where the guests provide all of the light and noise for the DJ to use at his discretion.

Another electronic dance music podcast that I have been listening to lately is “EDM Underground”. This particular podcast features songs from the infamous “EDM” parties that are popular among electronic dance musicians. These parties are held in small private homes throughout the United States and Canada. People attend these parties in record numbers every weekend. EDM stands for “earn’ to dream.” These parties are becoming more common as people age.

The people who frequent these parties are generally older and are coming to realize just how fun it can be to enjoy some good old fashioned music with some great dj’s. One of the songs featured on the podcast that caught my ear was by Canadian band “Arctic Monkeys”. This band has taken many lovers and continues to do so. There are several websites that feature this band’s music, but I would recommend you check them out yourself.

A recent electronic dance music podcast that caught my attention was “EDM Confidential”. This is a weekly podcast that features up and coming artists and DJs from throughout the world that are featured on the show. The shows are hosted by someone that goes by the name of Sebbosian.

During one show he introduced a new song by a rapper he was spinning. He introduced her by explaining that she was a fan of his but that he wasn’t ready to drop the new song just yet. After some prodding, he did drop the new song. It was one of my favorites on the entire show.

As someone that has been listening to electronic music for quite some time, there is a certain comfort level for some songs that are featured on these podcasts. The songs that tend to stand out to me are the slower songs. The reason I feel this way is because it tends to take longer for the beat to come and for the listener to adjust to the beat. If you listen to the slower songs, especially on an electronic dance podcast, it can be quite a tedious process to keep going with the beat.

If you’re a fan of electronic music, these podcasts are a must. They are filled with up to date information on what is happening in the world of electronic music. One of the best things about these podcasts is that they give you a great chance to meet people that may become your future fans. For me, I have become very familiar with the genre of electronic dance. The podcast has allowed me to expand my knowledge on the genre and to hopefully influence others to become fans as well.

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