Electronic Dance Music Terms You Need to Know

Electronic dance music is all the rage these days and you don’t want to be left out when it comes to learning these new dance music terms. So how do you learn the basic dance terminology? What online tutorials should you look for? Keep reading to find out more about these terms.

The first step is to watch some instructional dance music videos on YouTube. A lot of people are starting to use YouTube to learn more about new music terms so you’re not alone. There are a few good instructional videos on there that explain a lot in very simple, easy to understand language.

Next up, head over to iTunes. If you’re an Apple user then this is the easiest way to see a bunch of electronic dance tutorials for free. On each page of the iTunes app there’s a small preview of the video, you can click to open it. This is a great way to get an idea of the terminology used in dance and what you might want to look out for when buying a tutorial.

OK, what about iTunes Express? This is another way of opening up hundreds of video tutorials for free. It’s not quite as extensive as the above but it’s still worth taking a look. Again there’s a preview button to open the video. You can also see a list of terms at the bottom of the screen.

A final option is to sign up to a dance blog or membership site. A lot of the bigger sites will let you pay a once off fee to join and be able to access all their videos and tutorials. It’s a good way to save money too! Just make sure that you look at the terms and conditions first before joining as you don’t want any surprises when you’re ready to begin!

A great way to brush up on dance music terms is to visit online forums. There are a wealth of them out there covering any subject imaginable. Search Google for ‘dance music forums’ and you’ll find a lot of them to choose from. Searching using the quotes around your search term will narrow down the results a lot. Some of the big dance music forums can have thousands of posts on anything and everything dance related. It’s a great place to get information about anything to do with dance music.

There’s also another benefit of forums. They often have a forum area where people can ask and answer questions. If you’re unsure of something, just ask – you’ll be surprised how many people have the answers to your questions!

Now that you know a little more about electronic dance music terms, you’re ready to start looking for your first tutorial. Don’t rush it. Find a few videos that you like, download them and test them out before committing to buy. That’s the best way to avoid making the wrong decision and ruining your new found knowledge. Good luck!

Terms such as” Producer” and” Sessions” are important to know. Without these terms there would be no way for you to mix tracks together and create music that other people will enjoy. Another term you should become familiar with is “Session”. This is the name of the audio or track you will be working on. It’s very important to know this before starting a session – you don’t want to start a track and end up in the midst of a big argument over who did what part or how long the track was supposed to go on!

Another set of electronic dance music terms you need to become familiar with is “Video”. This refers to any video recording of an exercise or performance. The format and options for the recording are endless. You can record from your webcam, a pocket camera, or even an outdoor video camera. The sky is literally the limit when it comes to this type of video.

One final term, you need to learn is “FM Fad”. This describes a trend in electronic dance music that began around 2021. Basically, this means a new and innovative take on an old style or formula. Some artists make a record that sounds like it was made yesterday while other artists to create an entirely new sound structure and theme. These are all examples of fads – there will always be new and exciting trends in electronic dance music.

Hopefully by now you have a good idea about some of the more popular electronic dance music terms out there. If you’re just starting out, I suggest checking out some beginner’s tutorials. This will give you a good foundation for learning electronic dance music. It will also help to ensure that you understand the importance of listening to feedback and trying new combinations and edits before you come up with a finished product.

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