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Electronic Music producer, Jon Bisschoff and I have been working on a new electronic album called House Music For Hire. The name of the album is taken from a quote by jazz singer/songwriter: “If your skin’s real sweet, you can dance on the floor of your house”. For over 18 years, House Music has been one of the most exciting electronic-based dance albums on the market. Each song contains a story and a unique flavor. It will take you from the sweetest suburbs of Miami to the rougher, more exciting side of Las Vegas.

Jon Bisschoff is a musician, DJ, music producer and sound engineer with experience from his years as a college student and a twenty-five year career in the music industry. He started creating electronic music at age sixteen when he acquired his first two turntables, an Audio cassette recorder, an electric guitar, and a VCR. Since then he has worked in the industry as a sound engineer, composer, music writer, recording technician, sound editor, and teacher. He continues to grow his knowledge in the electronic world. His goal is to bring high quality, original house music to those who need it most. He believes that everyone should be able to enjoy electronic music regardless of age, location, or income.

So why did we create a House Music For Hire album? Well, first of all, it’s not an impossible dream, nor is it extremely costly. You can create your own electronic dance track for less than the price of a drink at your local bar. This means that you can have your own dancing hit without ever leaving the comfort of your home! With the right music, lighting, and video accompaniment, you can create the perfect dance party to enjoy with your friends and family.

House Music For Hire will feature some of your favorite artists. DJs that specialize in house music are always the best because they can offer guests a wide variety of songs to choose from and can customize the track to perfectly match the mood that the party is trying to achieve. For example, one DJ might play reggaeton and hip-hop, and another might switch to rock and roll and pop. A versatile DJ is a great asset for any party or event.

On top of the stellar talents of the DJs, we’ve handpicked the best vocalists and instrumentalists for this electronic music compilation. Our featured artists include Karyn Moragne, Ash LaBeouf, Mike Williams, and many more. Our featured vocalists and instrumentalists have been noted for their ability to get the crowd involved and provide original, energetic dance music. If you want party music with a twist, these are the people you need to turn to for your electronic music compilation.

Our artists have put together some of the most eclectic yet catchy tracks known to mankind. Some of their tracks even made it to the top of the “Best of House” list! These are only a few samples of what our talented DJs can do. Our goal is to bring you the finest in electronic music from around the world, presented in the most innovative and creative manner possible.

House music is a wonderful blend of modern day technology and traditional methodologies. While electronic music has always existed as a part of electronic culture, only now is it taking the forefront stage. Artists from all over the world are realizing the potential and importance of this type of music. The trend is only expected to continue to grow as more people discover the limitless possibilities that electronic music holds.

It can be described as a unique and individual style of electronic music that has emerged throughout the years. It takes contemporary approaches to traditional methods, resulting in a unique product that is hard to duplicate. House music is truly a celebration of life itself. Whether you are throwing a traditional party or hosting an electronic music event, you can’t go wrong with house parties. Your guests will be asking you for more invitations to your next party!

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