Finding the Best Electronic Dance Music Leadership

It’s time for the best electronic dance music 2021. After almost a decade of touring across Europe and North America, Native Instruments have finally returned to their home turf of Amsterdam. This time they will be performing as part of the Voorhees festival. Here are some of our best bets for this year’s edition of the best electronic dance music.

With ten years of touring behind them, it’s no surprise that Native Instruments have decided to call it quits on their smash hit ‘The Falls’. Now that they’re back in the studio with a brand new album, it seems likely that we’ll hear many of their classic hits on this new album. One track is expected to be titled ‘Falling Slowly’ and we could get a taste of what happens when Arty Jobs isn’t in the studio. While it’s too early to tell just what the theme of the album will be, we can imagine it will be something we’ve never heard before. It certainly sounds as though vocals will feature on the album.

Two other artists who have gained a reputation thanks to their Electronic Music videos are Maarten van Sloten and Alex Van Meer. Both have won numerous awards including the Video Music Awards. They have also released several singles and albums since their beginnings in the early 90s. With these credentials it’s likely that we’ll see many tracks on their next album.

Another name to mention in the forefront of artists with a big sound are Paul van den Heuwenhof and Jonas Ekboms. These two have had a steady rise throughout the last few years and their live shows are becoming more adventurous. This along with the fact that Paul Van Hoeck has been playing with the likes of Bjork and LCD Soundsystem has given them a massive fan base. They’re set to play a series of festivals this year including Belgium and Japan.

If you want a great producer whose work you’re sure to enjoy then look no further than Carl Cox. Having produced for everyone from En Vogue to Madonna, he’s got a style all his own. He’s created a sound that’s not only funky but danceable. His new album is called ARK Audio. It features some guest spots from legends such as Jamie Cullum antenna Paget and will be out at some point in the near future.

One other artist to mention who’s worth mentioning are Caribou. Having formed in the late 90s, they’ve built a worldwide following. They started off with a series of demo tapes that were quickly snapped up by fans. Their sound has a delicate soul, reminiscent of Portugal. The tune “Reinvented” became a number one hit and has since been re-recorded by numerous other artists.

Finally there’s the man behind the board for some of the most sought after DJ mixes on the planet. Peterage is well-known for his amazing drum rolls and has recently created his own style of tribal drumming. His new album includes nine original songs which have taken the world by storm. He also co-produced tracks with many other well-known producers including Koolhaas, Digga Older, Diplo and others.

There are so many talented people out there whose work you might have never heard of. With the rise of the Internet and social networking, it’s now possible to connect directly with talented people like these. Look online and you’ll find them. So if you want to make the best electronic dance music you can, it’s time to get out there and start finding the talent. It’s easier than ever.

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