Finding The Best Radio DJ for Your Electronic Dance Music Radio Show

What is it that sets electronic dance music radio shows apart from traditional radio shows? What makes them interesting and enticing to many listeners? And how can these radio shows help your career? There are actually a lot of things that make DJs and other music lovers alike start looking for this type of channel. So let’s take a look at how these radio shows can benefit you.

The first thing that sets a DJ’s radio show apart from any other radio show is its subject matter. As opposed to say, a talk show with just guest speakers, DJ’s mix their program with a variety of musical genres and styles. A DJ will usually play the latest hip-hop singles and top pop hits among other music types. While this is done to keep guests interested and alert, it also helps keep the DJ’s schedule busy as he or she has a large variety of music to play. Mixing up the music helps keep a DJ’s show fresh as well.

Another difference that sets electronic dance music radio shows apart from other music channels is its programming. Most radio stations only play a small selection of songs that they feel represent the DJ’s genre. This can often be limiting to the kind of music chosen. DJs have the freedom to choose any songs that they want. For example, a DJ could play reggae this week, but not next week. The freedom to choose keeps electronic dance music radio shows interesting.

Electronic dance music radio shows also feature interviews from some of the biggest names in the industry. Interviews with artists such as Kanye West, Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, Usher and others give the audience a more detailed insight into what the artist is all about. These talks can sometimes be insightful as well as entertaining. They can include an inside story of where the artist came from, how they create their music and how they get signed to a record label. These talks can help the listener understand how artists become famous and what they do to stay motivated.

A good DJ knows how to mix the songs on his radio show to keep the listener’s attention. He should know how to use the right background music, have a fun theme and be able to build the momentum for his radio show. Good radio DJ’s know how to cut the show together to make it flow well from one song to the next. A DJ should always be willing to educate his audience on new music and techniques. An informative and entertaining DJ keeps his radio show lively while the audience enjoys the talk.

One way to keep the listeners interested in your DJ’s talk show is by keeping them engaged. Talk about topics that will keep them talking. Talk about something that the listeners would like to hear about. Talk about local events that are happening in the area that the radio show is coming from. Make sure your DJ has a sense of humor and knows how to make his radio show entertaining and informative at the same time. If he does, he will succeed.

An electronic dance music radio show needs a sound system to back up the talk and the music. If your DJ does not have the proper equipment, his radio show will not last long. Make sure he gets good equipment so he can play music off his laptop and record his shows. Playing good music and talking about new things on his DJ Mix CD will keep listeners excited and coming back again.

When putting together your radio show, be creative. Think of ways to incorporate videos into the show. Include interviews of local DJ’s or other popular local stars. Guest DJ’s from other radio stations can also contribute to your show. Talk about local music and people enjoying their styles of music on your radio show. Keep your DJ in mind when looking for a new employee for your company.

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