Five of the Best Clubs for Electronic Dance Music in Boston

Electronic dance music originated in Boston, Massachusetts from the early 1990’s. Boston electronic dance music has been known worldwide for its fast paced, hard hitting, bass heavy music. The city is also a great location for a New England holiday. It is currently home to many Boston nightclubs and electronic dance music producers.

Many club owners have a vision of owning an electronic dance music Boston club or nightclub. They see the potential for growth and the amount of club traffic they can attract. If a club owner is willing to put in the effort and take the risks, it will definitely pay off in the end. Many clubs have been opened in the past years in Boston. Cluberella is one example of a successful club that recently opened in the Boylston neighborhood of Boston.

Cluberella has brought rave to Boylston and parts of Cambridge in the last few years. This has created a high demand for electronic dance music Boston clubs and nightclubs. There are many clubs in this part of town and owners are competing with each other to bring unique programming and new items to the table. DJs are the hot commodity in these cities. There is intense competition among local DJs because of the high demand for electronic clubs. Some clubs will cater to national DJs who will come to town on an occasional basis.

Another great thing about electronic dance music Boston clubs and bars is they have a lot of room to grow. Clubs in this part of town are starting to expand and hire more DJs who are willing to work longer hours because there is a high demand. Clubs have realized that it is best to rotate different DJs in and out to find the talent they are good at and keep the memory of those DJs fresh. The new talent can be discovered and a new generation of electronic dance music Boston DJs emerge. It is a continuously growing city.

Club Liquid Night is one of the clubs in electronic dance music Boston that has seen growth in the past few years. This club has four floors with lots of space to stretch out and create a great atmosphere. Of course, good djs always know what to play to keep people dancing.

The Rocket Bar at the Bottom has many amazing things going for it. It is a sweaty go-go club and it is a great place to experience electronic music in its rawest form. You should try the karaoke if you are in Boston. It might just change your life!

If you are looking for a club that is more intimate then look no further than Club 720 in West End. Club 720 is like the club Liquid Night but a little smaller and more personal. This club is home to many underground electronic music djs and is also home to many interesting acts that you may not have even heard of. You can expect to get a good show and the atmosphere is one of high energy.

Club Valentino is yet another great club in Boston that is located in the Financial District. This club is very similar to Club 720 except this club has more of an Italian feel to it. You will never be bored when you visit this club because there are so many djs to choose from. This club offers many shows and has a very strict dress code. They do allow non-dancers to dance but there is always a line up to dance or watch the djs. This club is definitely worth a visit.

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