Here Lies In New York by Alex Wetterer

The Edm Electronic Dance Music Album is the latest offering from the crew of electronica-tinged trance artists namedanged. They have taken what they know to be the best of what electronic dance music has to offer, and packaged it into an album that’s sure to please even the most selective of music fans. This free download is jam packed with 5 fresh and tight tunes perfect for a summer night out on the town. The styles, sounds, and vibe are all high on edm. You’ll definitely need an MP3 player to get the most out of this one.

The five songs included on the “Edm Electro” free download are: “Love is in the air”, “Reptile”, “Starboard (ft. Infecte),” “Reckless”, and the most chillingly known song here… “Wake Me Up.” This is just about perfect for those EDM events when you don’t want the crowd going bonkers. There isn’t much more needed from these guys than getting a little bit of wobble to add to their already killer blend of electronic dance music.

These Canadian producers have such a wide range of influences at their fingertips, it’s impressive to see how seamlessly everything comes together. From the light and airy “Love is in the air” to the ultra-rapid “Reptile,” there’s something for everyone. And it’s not like the songs were picked haphazardly – they’re all done and polished with a certain amount of finesse. They all sound as if they were written for a DJ set, and that’s exactly how they should be. The productions on this album could almost be described as modern-day royalty free. Nothing is overly over-produced or too sterile.

One of the biggest things that sets the guys’ electro-house albums apart from most others is the diversity of their influences. Each track seems to be designed to sound right on target in relation to its respective genre. “Tears” is one such track where lead vocalist David Gutta spits out bass lines and hi-hats with ease. It’s one of the prettiest sounding songs to have been produced in recent memory.

The second track on Here Lies is another masterful example of the Canadian electronic style. Frontman Ryan Leary has a voice that sounds like it’s straight out of a demo CD, yet he still manages to make the words flow with surprising charm. “Wake Me Up” also has some great vocals from Dustin Mosley that really make this track shine. It’s one of those rare gems where you’ll forget you’re being transported into another world just for a moment.

One thing that really makes Here Lies is that it manages to sound as modern day as it’s possible without being corny. Part of that has to do with the mixing on the album. Alex Wetterer, who is just finishing up his college years, does a terrific job of mixing the tracks and making them feel as fresh as they did when they were first recorded. He also uses sounds that fit the electronic dance music genre well, which can also make for a more memorable listening experience.

If you’re looking for something that’s not too over the top, here’s a place to start. If you don’t like the way the vocals are done, or the production itself, you won’t really enjoy Here Lies In New York. But if you do like those elements, it will definitely help you appreciate the rest of what this amazing album has to offer. For the most part, the production is solid, the vocals are clean and clear, and you’ll probably be getting yourself a great dance track to enjoy when you hear it.

What’s also great about Here Lies In New York is the fact that it stands out from other albums in its genre. Other albums will try to sound as professional as possible while still offering a fair amount of dancing involved. However, there isn’t really one track on Here Lies In New York that will have you running back to the dance floor, especially if you’re doing the usual. The production on this album stands out and it’s different than the other electronic music that you’ll be hearing on the radio today. If you enjoy the funky electronic music of past years, but you want it to come to an electronic dance music album, this is a great album to pick up.

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