How Did Dubstep Become Popular in America?

What is the history of Dubstep, one of the most popular music styles of all time? Many people think that it began in England, but this is not entirely true. The real beginning was with the breakdancing scene in the UK in the 90s. As the term implies, this style of music was popularized by rappers who were doing aerobics moves. However, dubstep in America has become very popular since this past decade.

How Did Dubstep Become Popular in America

With the rise of breakdancing in London, they were able to take the breakdancing style and use it as the basis of the new genre we know today as Dubstep. They began adding more synthesizers to their music and began playing with drums and bass.

As a result, these early dubstep tracks had a highly distorted sound. Although it wasn’t too long before the music got mellow and slow, the bass sound was still prominent in this music.

As time went by, dubstep took a different path. The sound became more refined and drum & bass became the main source of popularity for many years. The British music scene gradually died out but the American scene kept on expanding. Today, the two sometimes merged altogether into one grand movement.

It seems that in recent years, there has been a trend towards music that sounds a lot more pop-oriented and less distorted. With this trend came an increasing number of artists that played the heavy bass music that Dubstep was known for.

This caused a change in the popular sound in the music. It transitioned from the old-school sound that Dubstep had a reputation for to something with more melody.

Now, we can see that many artists have become very popular in the United States thanks to dubstep. One example is Deadmau5. This artist has become immensely famous thanks to his many hits including “Warp Wave”. Other popular artists that are part of the new wave of dubstep include Skrillex and Benga.

Another thing to note about how did dubstep get popular in America is that it hasn’t just spread from the UK and Australia. There are artists in the USA and Canada that have also been playing the heavy bass style of music. Artists like Noisia and Benga are leading this new wave of bass music.

You will notice that the best songs of dubstep are often times made with only one or two instruments. Many of the best songs have just bass, drums and a few synths.

Some even have one bass drum and one or two synths and vocals, but most of the best tunes have all three. This is because there are so many layers of sounds to the bass that it is difficult for a single instrument to add enough depth to make it work.

We have to look at why some artists were able to tap into this new sound of bass. Well, many say that the internet has played a role in the growing popularity of dubstep. With the amount of people worldwide that have access to the internet, artists have become able to reach a larger audience.

Some say that dubstep actually gained popularity because it took the “underground” sound of dubstep and made it more mainstream. Many artists have jumped on the bandwagon by putting the heavy bass on their songs.

This has helped dubstep get a wider audience and gain popularity in the U.S. and Europe. It is something that many artists in the UK and Australia want to emulate, because of the popularity of dubstep.

So, is dubstep going to gain more popularity in America? It is definitely something that is possible. Hopefully, we will see it grow in popularity and take over the country as it has already in the UK and other countries.

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