How Does an Electronic Music Festive Get Started?

Electronic Dance Music has exploded onto the scene in the last few years, with clubs and party nights springing up across the country. There is now a DJ setup at just about any club these days, and clubs have been especially quick to tap up this new form of music. One of the pioneers of the electronic dance music radio station, DJ Pauly D, has been doing his thing in Boston for some time. His music has been heard all over the country, and he now has a radio station going on from his home in Boston.

What separates your average electronic dance music radio show from, say, a soulful acoustic rock radio station? It’s the quality of the programming. If you’ve never been exposed to music from a tight house music house radio show, you might be forgiven for thinking that they are some kind of high tech version of the old vinyl records that you used to hear. This thinking is no longer valid. Recent improvements in the quality of electronic dance music radio shows have resulted in some of the most soulful and intimate programming ever heard on a radio dial.

In addition to having songs that you can dance to, these recent innovations in electronic music programming offer an endless array of interesting interviews with well known personalities in the music world. Some of the DJ’s on many of these stations are able to mix tracks from a variety of genres, but they still sound very soulful. It’s as if the artists are reading your soul and telling their secrets! A growing trend in recent years has been the formation of “DJs who are Digital Technicians”, who are expertly versed in the new hardware and software that are transforming the way we listen to music. These “digital technicians” are the wave of the future, as they mix tracks from all types of electronic music and broadcast it digitally on the air.

The latest innovation in electronic dance music, is the rise of the global session DJ. At the past you would see a single global DJ in charge of a radio station in a major city. Today, that same DJ is responsible for spinning thousands of songs at one time on dozens of different radio stations throughout the world. This DJ now has the ability to mix songs from all over the world to keep everyone who listens interested. This is the new face of radio, as a whole.

While the worldwide DJ is responsible for spinning songs on dozens or hundreds of radio stations, he is also the man who is usually hired to head up parties, get sponsorships, and make deals with recording artists. DJs can play any type of music and are versatile. They often work as day traders, deciding what music genres to play on specific days, and when it is most convenient for the radio DJ to travel and meet with possible investors.

Online radio stations have come along way in recent years. One of the best-known online radio stations today is “EDM Radio”. Online EDM is the hottest music genre on the internet. “EDM” stands for electronic dance music, and the hosts and listeners are constantly switching from one hip hop, rap, dance, or pop tune to the next. Online radio stations like “EDM Radio” give aspiring artists the opportunity to be heard by thousands of people worldwide.

The growth of “EDM Radio” online has lead to many other types of EDM-focused online radio stations springing up throughout the country. DJs now know exactly where to go to promote their careers, build relationships with record labels, and find sponsorship deals. The future of DJing may lie in these new EDM radio stations. Boston, for example, is home to three online DJ radio stations, “Daft Cash”, “Talk To Me”, and “Up & Downs”.

Boston has a rich history as the world’s oldest city, and has hosted some of the most influential DJs in history including Don Duke, King Buzz, and numerous others. If you’re looking for an electronic dance music career, don’t waste your time in Boston by settling for the clubs and bars there. Instead, take your time and see what it has to offer. There’s no doubt that there is plenty of work to be found, but with so much competition among djs, it will never be hard to get discovered. So don’t pass up this unique opportunity, contact your local electronic dance music genres and see what opportunities are available to you. You never know, you might just get the break of a lifetime!

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