How to Curate EDM Podcast Shows and Make Money From It

How to Curate EDM Podcast Shows

If you want to learn how to curate EDM podcast shows, then there are a few different things that you need to know. You need to know how to properly set up an RSS feed. It is so that your listeners will easily subscribe to your shows.

When they do this, the feed will automatically send the podcast to the people in their email. By doing that, you can have multiple subscribers on a feed. Afterwards, you can then use that feed to add a variety of different podcasts.

The next most important thing is the actual recording. It’s important that you record your podcasts from a studio that you own and that you can afford. Most of the best producers will have the studio where they do all of their production and mix their music.

You want to have a professional recording because the whole point of podcasting is to show off your talents. So you want to be confident in the quality of your recording.

If you have it recorded on a computer, make sure that you convert it to an audio format. If you’re doing it from a laptop, you may be able to get away with a WAV or AIFF file. You don’t want to use anything that will require a lot of time to download. However, it’s worth it to become certain that you have converted everything.

When you’ve recorded your podcast, you’ll be able to send it out on various EDM podcast directories. You can submit it to these directories and then let the DJ and other producers know about your podcast. They can either put a link back to it in their website or their podcast directory. Another option is that they can simply list the podcast at their own websites as well.

Once you have podcasted, you have to be sure that you’re monitoring the show. Some people like to listen live, so they record the show at the time that they feel most comfortable. If you haven’t recorded the show yet, don’t worry, you can just wait until you get a chance to do so.

In the future, you should also take a look at how you curate your podcast shows. Now, you’ll probably want to learn how you can take your podcasts and turn them into a regular series. The first thing that you should look for are good ways to promote your shows out to people who will listen. These listeners are very likely to be people who would not normally hear your podcasts.

You can easily do this by using social networking, blogs, or forums. The internet has a lot of places that you can get to connect with people who like what you’re promoting and you can also find ways to create relationships with them. By building a good rapport, you can create a very profitable relationship with them and make money from their listening audience.

A great way to use social networking in order to start getting your shows out is creating discussion groups. This will get your podcast out to thousands of people. Additionally, it will be the perfect way to reach out to potential fans.

Just don’t forget to keep adding new listeners to your feed. However, don’t allow the listener count to exceed your current subscribers. You’ll need to keep adding new subscribers to your podcast to keep pre-subscribed listeners on your feed satisfied.

There are also several ways by which you can create your podcasts in order to make money. For example, if you want to earn more from your podcast, you may want to add affiliate links back to your own website in order to earn more.

Another option is to make your podcast as interactive as possible. This means that you can add video clips, or audio clips, and other interactive elements to it in order to make it more entertaining and enjoyable to those that will be listening.

When curating EDM podcast shows, the first thing that you want to do is learn about available tools. When you’re done with the basics of how to curate EDM podcast shows, you’ll be ready to create your podcast properly.

But even after that, there are many more steps that you can take to help ensure that you’ll be making money from your podcast. Take the time to learn about these and then implement them into your future podcasts.

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