How to Get Social Media Traffic and Customers Via an Electronic Dance Music Blog

Electronic dance music blog is an online music production school and digital blog dedicated to electronic dance music. It is run by two guys-one from Los Angeles and one from Chicago. This electronic dance music blog covers everything electronic dance music related-from new styles to albums and dj’s. You will find everything here at Eckscape.

The first thing you will notice about this electronic music blog is that there are no DJs listed on the list. That’s because the blog is run through Facebook pages. DJs don’t really come to this electronic dance music blog that often and when they do they only post about stuff they’ve played or heard. But the point is that the DJ’s aren’t the point of this digital blog and neither is the music.

What draws people to electronic dance music? There are a lot of new music and artists out there but a big reason why a lot of people come to the electronic music blog is the new music. This blog has featured a lot of new artists like Armin van Buenrol (who is from Manchester) and Diplo (born in Italy but now moves back to Europe). These two artists have been featured on the electronic music blog because they are new and have a sound that a lot of people love. Both of them have videos on the blog as well as their bios and information about each artist. If you are new to electronic dance music, you owe it to yourself to look at the new music featured on Eckscape.

Another important reason to use the electronic dance music blog is the new music releases. This is where you get to catch artists who haven’t yet released their music on iTunes. Sometimes bands and artists just release their music without the label’s permission and you won’t find it in the iTunes store. When these songs hit it big on the dance music blogs, they become hits overnight. You can then follow these artists and see what they are up to. In fact, a lot of the new artists start out on one of these blogs before they go on to major record label deals.

The social engagement is something else that this site has to offer. Even if you aren’t on a social networking site, you can still view the latest posts on your news feed. If you aren’t on a social network, but you have friends or followers on Twitter, you can follow them on Facebook and see what they are up to.

As mentioned before, you can also view the latest posts on your Facebook and twitter feeds. These feeds are constantly being updated so you will always have up to date information. A great thing about Eckscape is that all your followers and friends can see your updates on Facebook and Instagram. So not only do you get social engagement on all three sites, but your customers will be able to see what is going on as well.

The last advantage to an Eckscape blog is the Instagram integration. If you haven’t noticed already, Instagram has become the latest must have social engagement site on the internet. More people are joining Instagram and using it for business purposes. To take advantage of this, all you need to do is create an Instagram account and set up business profiles on Facebook and twitter.

Once you have all this in place, you will start getting thousands of Instagram followers as well as thousands of Facebook fans. Then when you update your blog on a regular basis, your Instagram followers and Facebook fans will also be updated. So not only do you get social engagement on all three sites, you also get contact updates from your Eckscape blog subscribers and fans. If you haven’t started an Eckscape blog yet, you should really consider doing so right away. Not only will it benefit you with more website traffic and higher conversion rates, it will also provide you with more ways to make money online.

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