How To Get The Most Out Of A Chicago Electronic Dance Music Festival

The Electronic Dance Music Festival in Chicago has been going for the last fourteen years. Each year they receive hundreds of thousands of visitors and attendees who are totally crazy about electronic dance music. It seems like they just can’t get enough of it. So, why do they keep coming back every year? Well, there are a few reasons why this popular festival continually attracts so many people.

First of all, Chicago is known as the “America’s Midwest” city. And if you really look at it, that really says something. Because there are a lot of cities and towns in Illinois, and not all of them have the reputation of being hip. Therefore, when there is an electronic dance music festival in Chicago, it brings along with it a more diverse crowd. You’ll find people from all over the Midwest. They come to celebrate electronic dance music and what it means to them and how it changes their lives.

Another reason is the fact that the festival brings with it a very diverse musical selection. Because it is an electronic music oriented event, they are able to play music from around the world. This includes music from such unlikely sources as Africa, India, Spain, Germany and the United States. This means there is something for everyone. Of course, since the organizers do a lot of promotion for the event, it also means that they have many familiar faces, such as famous DJs from New York, Los Angeles and other locations.

One of the highlights for many visitors is the parties, which usually happen after the main concert. These parties offer alcoholic beverages, food and of course, plenty of electronic dance music to go with it. Of course, the parties are also a chance for Chicago DJ’s to interact with their usual crowd of clubbers.

There is another reason why people choose to attend these festivals. They can relax and have fun. They can enjoy the selection of music without worrying about disturbing others. It is a chance to find out what Chicago has to offer without spending money on various different activities. Of course, many electronic music fans in Chicago find that the main electronic music event takes place during the three week long weekend in August.

The three week long festival in Chicago kicks off with the opening day party, which features a free show by five local electronic dance music artists. Then the second weekend features the main weekend events. Music lovers can enjoy a variety of DJ sets from prominent DJs in the city, as well as the lesser known ones. Those looking for bargain shopping can stop into several shops and boutiques selling DJ equipment and related merchandise. Of course, those interested in purchasing clothing, photos and other items can visit some of the online stores selling Chicago electronic dance music gear.

The third weekend of the festival features a free event highlighting local electronic dance music talent and other musical acts from Illinois and neighboring states. Music lovers can stop by at several bars and clubs featuring DJ music sets. Those looking for Chicago photo opportunities can take advantage of the free photographer’s booth set up in the convention center. In addition to Chicago, electronic dance music fans can attend the other events taking place around the country.

When comparing events of two weeks or more apart, it will be easier to see the marked differences between the three-weekend festival. Weekend one featured a wide range of DJ music acts and performers, while Weekend two featured a smaller collection of DJ music acts. The third weekend features a much larger concentration of DJ talent, including some from the area’s most popular radio stations. For electronic dance music lovers in Chicago, the three-weekend event provides a chance to experience what the area has to offer without spending a great deal of money. Those who only experience the festival once can return, feeling as if they’ve had a much-needed musical awakening.

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