Meme Songs in Electronic Dance Music

When it comes to electronic dance music, the trend is moving from DJ’s to producers and sometimes back again. The new wave is comprised of producers that have a sound for fun and who are influenced by new age. It is also very much influenced by break dance. However producers from all genres are starting to take notice and sometimes they will come up with a new form of music. A lot of times it happens this way.

An example of this is how breakcore is starting to change into something else. Before it started as a new age style it was often ignored by major labels. However in recent years with the rise of the internet, a lot of new age producers have come up with an idea to create a new sound for electronic dance music. This new sound has been known as “break music.” Many of the major labels have come up with an edm version of their old material and have began to market it.

An example of this can be heard on “Pixeltone.” This track was created by none other than Pharrell, the famous producer known for the songs he makes for pop stars like Justin Timberlake. Another good example of an artist bringing in a new sound to what is considered as the rave genre is Kool aid. This band brought a new and exciting sound to what was already becoming an already fun genre. Other acts that are commonly known for bringing an end version of rave are Disclosure, Fatboy Slim and Carl Cox.

This artist may be known for his vocals but when it comes to making drum beats he is at the top of his game. Known as the king of house music is by many, Sammi is known for his smooth and sassy voice. He has been known to play tracks from both sides of the spectrum. One of his recent creations “Take Me Away” was also produced by producers like Diplo and producers Akon, Boaz and Marc van De Graaf.

One DJ who has created a few hit songs that has become known as an EDM song is Destructo. Originally from England, Destructo has made himself a name for himself not only playing electronic music but also setting the bar for many other future DJs to follow. His song “Electronic Killers” was played by the likes of Rihanna, Skye and Kanye West. His track “Pap Smear” was also sampled by artists like Kanye West, J Lo and The Roots. A lot of his music has gone into the charts and is constantly being played.

One DJ who does not have the same popularity as some of the others on this list abases. This is actually the company owned by Nick Capera, who is responsible for the massive success of Cake. He is a very versatile DJ and has been able to create hit songs without the use of keyboards. His Emotionalism album became one of the most played albums of the year.

Datacasting is another way of spreading a song to the masses. A songwriter mixes tracks from different radio stations and broadcasts it on the air through the web. All the major dance brands are using this technique with songs such as Disclosure’s” Shelter”, Zedd’s “Glue”, WLS’ “Wake Me Up”, Robin Thicke’s “Wake Me Up”, Boy Vs. Girl’s “Wanted Someone To Love Me”, Ashanti’s “Chantix” and many more.

Music is forever. genres will rise and fall, new trends will come and go, but the sound of the human heart remains the same. The great thing about electronic dance is that it keeps evolving and people can still have fun listening to the same songs over again.

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