New Japanese Electronic Dance Music

This article will discuss the similarities and differences of Japanese electronic dance music. Music is subjective to each individual person s individual taste. What might be cool and hip among Americans and Brits might not be that innovative and exciting to you and me. Japanese electronic music is no different at all. There’s just so much to talk about on that topic, but everything will be quite short and concise.

To start off with, if you were to list the characteristics of “Jive” or “Shakan” music, what would you expect to see? Would there be a strong dose of death metal, a dose of rock, or a bit of something else? Well, that’s a given. What you’re really looking for is a collection of beats that you enjoy, regardless if they fit into the realm of “death metal”, “rock”, or something else completely. That’s the beauty of Japanese music.

You’ll hear it all. Techno, hard core rapping, rock, classical, even some balladry. If you’re looking for electronic dance music that’s got it all, you’re not going to be disappointed. You can listen to the latest Japanese hit single and be completely blown away by the kind of beats and rhythms that are buried in the mix.

But which of these songs do you want to listen to? If you’re a hard core techno head, then you should stick to tracks from artists like BTK or Akumu. These types of beats are generally reserved for club and house. But, if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, you could find yourself listening to “Chopsticks” by Kyu Sakimoto. This track is full of hidden kicks and snares, it has a driving beat, and it’s got the feel of old vinyl record scratches.

If you’re more of a hard core techno fan, then you might want to check out “Reyn Da Denim” by Russel Simmons. This track was originally intended for a certain type of electronic music compilation, but because it’s just too impressive, it wound up getting its own release. It features Samithry’s production style and has a very hard & fast feel. This is perfect for when you’re looking for something that’s a little off the beaten path. If you find yourself wanting more than what’s on these Japanese songs, look for them online or download from certain websites.

If you love Japanese pop, then you’ll love this track from the ‘Kawai Sessions’. This artist’s music comes straight out of another era, but it’s a welcome breath into the present. The singer’s name is Rihoko and her instrumentals are catchy, funky, and absolutely perfect. One of my favorites is “Honey”, which comes off as a ballad with Rihoko screaming about being lonely and yearning for someone special. Expect heavy influences of house, techno, pop, and of course J-pop. If you’re looking for more than what’s on this list, then you might want to start looking through the artists who’ve already released their debut albums on disc or digitally.

For those of you who love playing bass, then you’re in luck. If you’re looking for some of the more heavy bass music out there, then you’re going to like the upcoming doom metal from Ulnar meditation. It’s the sound of Japan’s legendary Ulnar band doing their thing on guitar. There’s also plenty of other heavy electronica tracks with drums and distorted guitars. If you’re looking for something a little slower paced, then make sure to take a peak at the newer genres like drone and IDM.

Whether you’re looking for new, old, or in-between the Japanese electronic music scene, it’s never been so easy to jump online. If you’re looking for a new genre to explore, then you can do so easily. Just make sure that you do your homework. Don’t just blindly stumble upon any old band and expect to be blown away by their awesome tunes. Take your time and you should end up with something great.

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