New Music on House Music 2100

House Music 2021 is set to be a major selling CD of the year. Will it be a top selling album like X’s & O’s or a mainstream hit single like I Want It Now? That depends on how you use the word ‘popular’. While it’s not likely to be as mainstream as albums such as Adele’s 20/20 hindsight, House Music can still have millions of fans.

The lead single from the CD will be a return to the dark, metallic undertones of previous albums. This time it’s called Dance, it’s Dance. If you think about it, the title alone says a lot. It’s a clear indication that this isn’t your ordinary pop song. It’s got a darker edge and if you combine that with dance music sounds, it’s not hard to imagine what you’re getting into.

Behind the scenes there’s been a massive makeover. A whole new sound has emerged and it’s very noticeable when Ookay and Akon are singing. Their high octave voices are totally transformed. It’s obvious that they’re not simply singing for fun… they’re tearing the roof off with their songs.

Behind the scenes, a new artist called Alex Grey has arrived and he’s had some practice. He started out playing in a band called Opulence but it didn’t take off. Then he decided to pursue his musical career in electronic music. It was a brave move as most new artists are told to leave the band that first gets them signed up. But Grey kept his integrity by signing to another outfit called House music. It seems that he realised too late that he needed to bring in a specialist dance engineer to help him achieve that new sound.

There’s no doubt that Ookay and Akon have brought a huge amount to the table. The quality of their dance beats is top class. If you’re not into House music or other high end electronic music, you probably won’t even notice it. They have made a name for themselves as experts in certain styles of dance.

It seems though that nothing could top their early work. The new stuff from Ookay and Akon sounds even better. It’s almost a shame that their initial hard work didn’t translate into mainstream success. They have a couple of records that should push them up the charts though and it certainly would help their credibility if they managed to make a major label record.

If you’re looking for a new and exciting dance record, House Music will not disappoint. The tempo of their music matches the aggressive nature of their lyrics. And there’s always something catchy to keep the dance floor rocking. It’s a good thing that Ookay and Akon have such great voices. They can really push the tempo of the track and really make sure it doesn’t get boring for anyone.

They haven’t recorded their music yet, but that could change at any time. Their single “Helt Me” has been getting a lot of attention from fans both young and old. If they continue with this momentum, I have a feeling they will be huge in the future. So if you love House music, you’ll definitely want to check out what Ookay and Akon have to offer this year. It should be a huge year for House music.

The biggest question is who will be the next big hit? Will it be Rihanna or will it be someone new? Who will be the next big crossover star? These are all exciting questions that only time will answer. Right now, though, House Music is just dominating the electronic music scene and they haven’t even begun to scratch the surface.

While the singles are great, they do not compare to the tracks on H2021. There is an excellent blend of rap and dance that really make the record stand out from the rest. The production is top notch and the songs are memorable. Dance fans everywhere are buzzing about House Music this year and they have every reason to.

This is only one of the albums available for purchase. If you haven’t checked out the whole lot, you owe it to yourself to do so. If you’ve already checked it out, then the best way to continue the excitement is to get yourself a copy of Dance Electronic. It is something new and it is truly House Music made unique. Make sure you’re following the news and keeping up with the new music and artists by purchasing this CD today.

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