New Songs We Can Expect To Hear On Disclosure’s New Album

A new electronic dance music duo has made quite an impact. Kaskade and Bong-Ra have made quite the impression since their very first collaboration back in 2020. They have since gone on to sell several mainstream hit singles including No One Like You and I’m Your Daddy. They have also performed at numerous clubs throughout the United States and Europe as well as around the globe. They are now set to release their first official studio album called Tonight, which will be out sometime in 2020.

It is amazing that electronic dance music duo can have a debut album that they can call their own. The first single from their album, titled Tonight, is expected to be out any day now. If you are unfamiliar with the duo, they are both Canadian. Justin Canadian is actually their singer while Bong-Ra is the one playing the keyboards. They have been doing collaborations throughout the years and have formed what is known as the pop/rock band Wasted. They have not only been making a name for themselves, but have also been selling music and singles at high levels.

With this in mind, it is no surprise that fans can already expect some great things from the upcoming album. The producers of the album, cards is someone who knows electronic dance music. He has also worked with many popular bands such as David Bowie and Pink Floyd, so you can expect this new endeavor to be something special.

The first single from the album is slated to be called No One Like You and the single will be featured on the track. One other thing about the collaboration of the duo is that Bong-Ra has also teamed up with some well known EDM groups such as Zaytoven, Diplo, and others to create what is called the Wasted band. This is a group consisting of members of underground electronic dance music groups that are not spread too far apart. One of these groups, Adrenal Cortex, actually had the opportunity to tour with Disclosure one of the biggest dance music groups in the world. The tour was actually supposed to be an encore performance of their huge set at Reading festival, but the timing of their collaboration was coincidentally just right.

Another song that is expected to appear on the first single from the album is called Memories. It is said that the first single will feature Disclosure and this will most likely be one of the biggest singles that debuts this year. Many speculate that this single may be some sort of bridge between Memories and Weezer’s last album Weezer. Weezer is still without a new record due to a dispute with their label, but they recently started rehearsing again and are said to be planning some new material. Rumors say that they are planning to do some guest spots on singles by Disclosure as well, and maybe they will do a cover of Weezer’s classic song” Sundays Won’t Be Easy”.

One other song from the upcoming album by Disclosure that will definitely be heard by fans is called Red Velvet. This is a fantastic song which features Disclosure’s two main talents, Krewella and Panda. This collaboration of Disclosure and Krewella was actually featured on their debut album and was a fantastic song which got an amazing response from fans. Hopefully this song will be just as successful for this collaboration, as it was for Weezer.

Finally, we have the new song from Weezer called White Noise. This track is produced by Weezer’s long time friend and band mate, Ben Gibbard. It’s actually been a while since we heard from the London electronic music duo, but they have released a few singles in the past such as Automatic. Weezer has also worked with lots of other artists including Kanye West, Ashtone and Elton John. So, this track will most likely be a great addition to their already impressive catalog of music.

Hopefully, we will get to see this collaboration between Disclosure and Weezer on their forthcoming album. They already have a reputation for great songs and performances and hopefully this will be the introduction to a whole new genre of music featuring them and their backing band. It will be interesting to see where this goes, especially with their lengthy stint together. Their extensive history will no doubt stand out when they are finally back together for their second album.

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