New Wave of Dance Music – David Guetta

David Guetta is a young French DJ and producers of dance music. Born in Paris, he has always had an interest in the culture of his home country and has even made a few efforts to get his own music named after it. His first project was called C’mon, which was an instrumental hip hop piece. It featured on a few radio stations around Europe.

Then he decided to move into producing music, and he has not looked back. His first major release was ‘Tear Da Runway’, which became an instant hit in France and Belgium. In the U.K. it became known as ‘Touch’ and went on to become one of the biggest singles of the year. David Guetta is no stranger to the turntable style of production that is characteristic of the rave music scene. His previous major projects had been ‘Socrates’ and ‘Euphoria’.

The style of music that David Guetta produces is mostly techno based. He mixed these sounds with traditional instruments and vocals to form a sound that was new and exciting for the mainstream. The production techniques used are quite advanced for an electronic dance track. These were also evident in his recent single ‘Harder Now’. Although not a mainstream hit, it was still a song that sold like hot cakes.

David Guetta’s next project was another exceptional electronic dance music single called ‘Aran’. This track was another instant hit, featuring top dance music talents such as Rihanna and Kanye West. ‘Aran’ received widespread critical acclaim and was ranked number three on the iTunes charts. It also reached number one in the U.K.

Two years later, another major single from David Guetta’s catalogue was released, this time it was called ‘Viva La Vida’. This was an even wider success than ‘Aran’, as it featured artists such as Rihanna, Usher and Kanye West. ‘Viva La Vida’ became Guetta’s first number one single in the UK and he believes it opened the door for more successful singles. “It represented the beginning of what I believe to be the golden era of my career,” said Guetta.

In addition to ‘Aran’, the second album that David Guetta released in 2021 was entitled ‘Pjanoi’, which is largely comprised of collaborations with artists such as Dokken and Kwego. It was again a massive success, selling close to three million copies. The album received heavy airplay on both national and international radio stations, as well as being featured in numerous newspapers and magazines around the world.

David Guetta has recently released another solo album, entitled ‘Secrets of Kwego’. This time around, he teamed up with French dance music producer, Jean Paul Gaultier. The album has achieved great critical acclaim and has been praised by critics across the board, including The New York Times. The record is Guetta’s most successful to date and was even chosen as the best album of the year by E! in the UK.

This is just a small sampling of the work that David Guetta has produced over his career. “I’ve always kept music as my main focus and as a result have had an incredibly lucky career. A lot of people in dance music have the same chances as me to make it big, but they fail because they don’t keep their heads up, they’re afraid to take risks, and they don’t listen to themselves. What I’ve learned from making my own music is to keep going back to the things that made me happy when I was young: music and creativity.”

It is clear that David has not only received vast critical acclaim but commercial success as well. In fact, his first two albums have enjoyed massive success both commercially and critically. This, however, is not a surprise considering the talent that he possesses. In fact, the praise is so widespread that many other DJs have tried to emulate the path that David has followed. Two of these other DJs are Kodeezy and Don Murphys.

The thing about electronic music is that, while you want to push the boundaries and get people to pay attention, you also need to keep them on their toes. This is what Guetta does better than most. He knows how to make an album that is fresh, exciting, challenging, and downright fun to play. He knows how to create an electronic dance experience that is out of this world. And in this he achieves it perfectly.

If you want to really challenge your mind, to get your body moving, and to really explore new musical territories, give yourself a listen to this album. You will not be disappointed. And you will certainly discover a whole new side of electronic dance music.

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