New York Electronic Dance Music Clubs

If you are a club promoter or DJ looking for electronic dance music clubs NYC have a look at what the hottest clubs are right now. There is a new trend rising in the city. It is called ‘Electronic Grassroots’. Many of these clubs have gone from closed to open and are now becoming some of the best in the country for electronic music.

The trend that started out as a small gathering of locals has now spread all over the city. Now many clubs have open their doors to people from all over the world who love electronic dance music. They cater to both national and international dj’s. You can experience a night of new age techno or a night of Latin beats.

What is happening at the electronic dance music clubs NY has many things going for it. The weather is perfect for a lot of the new clubs to open on Friday and Saturday nights. It gets them more people interested in their offerings than any other night of the week. The traffic that comes through the door will add to the excitement. Many of the clubs also open up on Sundays, which adds to even more of a buzz.

One of the new clubs that is opening is called X-Tribe. This club has been one of the rising stars in the electronic dance music clubs in the new area. X-Tribe mixes international dj’s with local ones. The sound is incredible and the line up is always changing, it’s a fun place to be at.

Club 96 is another of the electronic dance music clubs in the new area that has opened recently. Club 96 has been open for about six months now. The atmosphere is great, the customers are friendly, and the music is pumping. If you are looking for electronic dance music clubs in the new area that is opening soon, I would suggest that you check out Club 96.

Club 96 has many different styles of music that are played on open Friday and Saturday nights. They play all types of top 40 songs, many of which have been played at some of the country clubs in the area. Club 96 features many national DJ’s that come to the club on a regular basis. Most of the DJs that come to Club 96 are from out of town and make their way to NYC on weekdays during the weekend.

Club 99 is another one of the clubs that is opening up in the Brooklyn area. Club 99 features a wide range of electronic dance music clubs and karaoke in addition to it’s heavy house music style. Club 99 is a relatively new club and still has not reached it’s full potential yet. Club 99 was one of the very first dance clubs in Brooklyn and will definitely be a hit with the younger crowd that comes to the area on a weekly or daily basis.

You have to understand that there are a few differences between these three clubs, but they all serve the same purpose. All three of these electronic dance music clubs are meant to provide a high-end experience that is above and beyond typical bar or club style music. You have to take a step back and get away from the mainstream if you are going to experience true “dance” in a club or bar setting. Club environments are meant for people to relax and enjoy each other’s company, not take advantage of each other by making sexual passes or fondling each other inappropriately. Club environments are meant to be fun and exciting instead of a potential place to catch a break.

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