Our Pick of the Best Electronic Club House Music – Part Four

The Best Electronic Dance Music 2020 can be the best year for new artists and DJs to break into the scene. It is time to celebrate the many talented people from various backgrounds that have shaped the sound of music for over a decade. In recent years, the growth of club culture has been phenomenal and this has paved the way for many clubs to add new and exciting sounds to their music mixes. This has been especially true for house parties, which have become a keystone in the nightlife of many cities.

New artists are discovering the opportunities that exist in today’s club scenes and some of these opportunities are being captured on camera by YouTube. This has opened up doors for aspiring stars to show off their talents on YouTube and be exposed to millions of club music fans. One of the most interesting and popular videos of the year was posted by London-based DJ Paul van Dyke, who was invited to perform at the Mansion nightclub in London. You can watch the entire performance on YouTube at the bottom of this article.

His set at the Mansion was a major success and he ended the night with seven straight encores. This performance was featured on several major radio stations throughout the UK including Talk Radio. If you are interested in listening to a house music mix online, you can find many versions of it on major websites such as iTunes. However, if you really want to listen to a top DJ mix live on your computer screen, you can try out some of the top dance music YouTube channels. Here are a few recommendations:

Beats Music is another essential channel for serious clubbers. They feature interviews with top DJ’s from all over the world and they regularly update their website with new tracks and new b2b collaborations. They have an interesting selection of house music and techno from top DJ’s like Armin Van Buenekom, Zbigner, Paul van der Schaaf, and many others. Their latest collaboration with Diplo & Skrillex is called “Wake Me Up!” It is a high quality b2b tune that you should definitely check out if you want to hear an incredible new Armin van Buenekom and Diplo collab.

The next electronic club house music YouTube channel to feature is Throkinator. Their latest single, the insanely popular “Everything” featuring Nero, has taken the internet by storm recently. You can watch the entire track on YouTube right now, but what you really want to do is watch the video for the chorus (the first two minutes and the end). It will be tough to top this video for overall coolness and accessibility. Watch thisthrongirls-single-here competition and you might just win it for the day.

Now we come to the final of our recommended house 2020 mix. It’s called Angie featuring Krewella. The beat is inspired by Disclosure, which was probably the major inspiration behind Disclosure’s ‘amins’ and ‘utes’. What makes this song so special though, is that Krewella managed to incorporate some of Disclosure’s sound in it too (and probably learnt from them).

This is one of the harder songs to fully digest for a lot of people. I’m sure a lot of dancers have been frustrated by some of the drum work on Angie featuring Krewella, but it’s worth watching. This is the last song we’ll feature this week, but don’t worry – we’ve got a lot more coming your way! We’re just teasing to get you interested, but promise to keep this list updated as and when new information about the album comes out.

Our final recommendation for the best electronic house music – house competition is going to have to be made with a mixture of our other videos and reviews, but in particular we’ll be looking at Cazzette’s ‘Come Together’. This is a massive song and a massive club house mix by Cazzette, featuring their ‘Like a Second Skin’ EP. As with most of their previous songs, this has some impressive guitar work too. We’re expecting it to go high up the charts this year. Our favourite video though is this one: you can watch it right here on our YouTube channel. If you want to see a video that really showcases what Cazzette are capable of, make sure you check out the ‘Like a Second Skin’ video!

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