The Beginnings of the UK Dubstep Scene

Many people think the birth of the UK Dubstep scene can be attributed to Skream and Benga. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The UK Dubstep scene actually has a great deal more influence on its creators than just the artists mentioned above. In fact, they’re only two of the many influential people that make up the UK Dubstep scene.

The Origins of the UK Dubstep Scene

If you want to understand why the beginnings of the UK Dubstep scene, you need to know a bit about how the music industry works. Every time new sounds arrive, someone in charge tries to put a barrier between those sounds and the general public.

This scene had origins in the late eighties with the release of House records by groups such as Bloc Party. They became very successful initially, but their success did not miss its share of controversy. The House genre was extremely popular and led to countless thousands of imitators that came out over the next few years.

Today, the UK Dubstep scene still uses the same concept to create its imitations. They sometimes sell under the name “Garage Rock”. It is true to say that there are many similarities between these two genres. However, the music is always unique. They’re just not as mainstream as other genres.

Many of the bands that started out with Garage Rock, such as Loefah, Lee Foss, Skream, Benga and Virus have continued to create the UK Dubstep scene after they left it. In fact, some of the very best UK Dubstep artists began as Garage Rockers.

The UK Dubstep scene actually fuses several different styles that have combined into one single sound. It has similarities to the music that used to have a presence in the early days of rock-and-roll. Now though, UK Dubstep has a universal popularity in many raves and music festivals.

The origins of the UK Dubstep scene had inspirations from another sound that had just hit the scene. When it comes to sound, there are countless influences. Nonetheless, they do not come close to the sound of reggae. Reggae is an incredibly influential musical genre that has influenced the early British music scene so deeply.

The evolution of the music industry that followed reggae was quite slow, but eventually it became clear that this type of music was far more popular than anything else. With the success of reggae came the industry also took a major turn for the worse, but when the UK dubstep scene hit, things went back to the UK in a big way.

The UK Dubstep scene has gained immense popularity because of its incredible versatility. It has many sounds to offer to people who love to dance and has been instrumental in setting the scene off. Since it began, there have been many great bands that have emerged.

Bassline and Crookers are two of the best known. They have been playing in the UK scene since the early nineties and still do to this day. Although they were initially quite underground, they have built a huge following because they create songs that are extremely hard hitting and offer a great deal of versatility.

A lot of the early UK Dubstep acts were influenced by groups like No Doubt and The Police. They also borrowed heavily from the old-school drum machines like the drum box.

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