The Best Electronic Dance Music Bands

The best electronic dance music is a term that is becoming increasingly difficult to define. Music has become an increasingly important part of our modern lifestyle and there are now more people than ever who enjoy it. Music genres are constantly evolving and new elements of music that were previously unknown are becoming mainstream. So what are the factors that make certain music the best available?

It’s fair to say that the best electronic dance music of late belongs to none other than YouTube. YouTube is home to some of the most popular music videos and has continued to innovate with the creation of ad-hoc video sharing sites such as Vimeo. The site has changed the manner in which internet users’ views and share videos and music. So if you want your latest hit to go viral, then by all means get into the YouTube crowd and you won’t be disappointed.

Another factor that makes music the best in terms of electronic dance music is the production. This is not the same as playing live and mixing a track. Producers and arrangers for dance music need to have a vast understanding of audio and composition. A good producer will have a working knowledge of recording, mixing and MIDI as well as software for sequencing and editing.

It’s no surprise that the best electronic dance music of recent years features heavily distorted, dark and heavy beats. This dark, distorted sound was originally created as a way to evoke feelings of paranoia and darkness. Now, the sound is used to bring an element of fun and movement to dance music.

The transition of dance music from underground to mainstream was helped by the boom of house parties. House parties were initially about music, but the attitude changed and the focus shifted from music to people mingling and having fun. This is what led to the birth of party music.

Part of the problem for electronic dance music was commercialism taking over radio stations and promoting singles. Music channels moved from focusing on artists to promoting mixes and DJ’s who were more in tune with what the public was looking for. While trance and special requests were once the focus of radio stations, now they are often heard alongside Top 40 hits and dance tunes. This has caused a shift in the public’s attitude to what makes for the best electronic dance music.

A big part of the modern day best electronic dance music is internet clubbing. It’s easy to see why. Clubbing has been steadily becoming more accessible and as a result, so has the chance to show off your dancing skills. You can find hundreds of clubbing hotspots around the world on the internet and you can party hard until dawn. No longer is it about hopping from club to club; now you can party hard at home and see what you’re able to do.

While the top three have certainly created the buzz, there is no doubt that the new kid on the block has attracted some attention too. Swedish House Mafia has created a legion of followers with their innovative and unique sounds. If you’re looking for the best electronic dance music, this should definitely be one of your considerations. Their unique blend of traditional dance moves and new wave sounds have made them one of the biggest draws in recent years.

The next thing that we thought of as the best electronic dance music was Disclosure. After they exploded onto the scene with their self-titled album and the christening of their son, fans couldn’t stop talking. This band made a statement that didn’t take a lot of thought. They played some of the most mind-blowing songs that we have heard and they sound even better on acoustic. If you are looking for electronic dance music with a twist, this is definitely one of the bands you are looking at.

Finally, we are going to end with a new name. Searching for the best electronic artist of our time, it would have to be something from the new millennium. No longer is it just up to Britney Spears or Miley Cyrus. Now, we are seeing artists such as David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails. There is a sense of futuristic electronica and the sound sounds are out of this world.

So there you have it. Three bands that you can start to familiarize yourself with if you are looking for the best electronic dance music. Hopefully you got a few ideas for what you want your next dance club going EP to sound like. Take some time and make sure that your next club outing sounds like the club you are trying to go to.

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