The Best Electronic Dance Music feat. Two legends

We are all quite aware of the fact that the Best Electronic Dance Music will come out as a winner each year without fail. With so many talented and hard working people involved, it is hardly surprising that we have such a vibrant and creative industry that can turn any track into an amazing and unforgettable hit in just a matter of seconds. Let’s take a look at some of the names that dominate this field and try to understand what makes them stand out from the rest.

First up is Armin van Buuren, who is without doubt one of the biggest influences in this type of music. He has been nominated for 4 Grammies and won’t be missed this year as he takes on his role as a global DJ alongside Avicenna. While many people think of him as solely an EDM act, the real heart and soul of his work are as a producer/musician who has crafted some incredible tracks that have made their way into the hearts and minds of fans the world over. His productions are always at the forefront of the best electronic dance music.

Next up is Kaskade whose name is well known to most people who dabble in electronic and dance music. His style is more laid back compared to some other names in the scene but that does not mean that he doesn’t have any fantastic tracks. We have had plenty of chance to see his sets on major club nights and his music still rocks. If you want to be in the thick of things when it comes to the best electronic dance music then Kaskade is the man to listen too. He has also been nominated a few times for Grammies and his sets are always a crowd pleaser.

Of course we cannot forget the man behind the decks and that is Arty who is an electronic music producer from Finland. Since taking on the job of overseeing the ARB studio where his team work, he has been able to build a firm reputation as one of the best producers in the business. With loads of tracks to his credit including such hits as ARB Island or Uplift, his popularity is only growing with each year that passes.

No list of the best electronic dance music producers can be complete without including the man behind the boards that is Paul McCartney. This man knows what it takes to make an electronic track rock and roll. When you are a fan of electronic music then you really can’t ignore him. McCartney has managed to launch many albums into worldwide stardom and his music is just as popular today as it was back in the 70s.

Out of all of the above we have the three UK legends, which are the Trax Records crew. Their reign over the industry has left very little to compete with. They have been around since the early 80’s and have set the standard that many others strive to emulate. They may no longer be the biggest name in electronic dance music, but they will always be the leaders.

Two other names from the UK that should never be forgotten are Jackson and Jobs. With the hip-hop sound that they created they have had major hits and continue to tour to this day. Apple Bottom is the other major record label that has had major impact on the electronic world. Their music has had a similar influence to that of Apple since they began.

Electronic dance music is so diverse that it is impossible to define. It is a style of music that is meant to evoke many emotions from a listener. Whether it is soothing music to get you into the right frame of mind before you go to sleep or energizing music to get you through a heavy rainstorm, electronic dance music continues to grow in popularity every single day. If you haven’t had a chance to experience it yet you are definitely missing out.

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