The Best Electronic Dance Music Festival in the World

Here is your guide to the best electronic dance music for the forthcoming year. In this article we will discuss and dissect three upcoming artists with underground reputations in UK dance. These are likely to feature heavily in line-ups from Ibiza to Berlin in the coming year. What makes them stand out? Many thanks to the internet and its social platforms, artists are able to gain a wider audience. The artists discussed below have found such platforms to be a valuable resource as well as an effective way to promote new music and break into an exciting new era of dance.

The man behind the mask is none other than Disclosure. With four EPs to their name and one album to date, Disclosure has cemented their place as one of the biggest UK dance bands over the past decade. They have set the bar high for British producers of dance music. And no act is without fan-fare-worthy singles. “Pressing On” is the perfect opener for their latest single, featuring loads of bling, and Disclosure’s trademark dubstep vibe.

If you are looking for a lead vocalist, this is the man for you. Already a fan- favourite in the electro-rock realm, Aaron Spectre is about to drop his debut solo album ‘Reconciled’, which is expected to be out any autumn. The title is taken from his birth town, West Yorkshire. If you love atmospheric, poppy-infused electronica, then expect plenty of guitar melodies, dreamy melodies and heavy bass.

Two artists who have recently graced the stage at major club parties around the world are Boards of Canada and Galantis. Both are veterans in the world of electronic dance music. Boards of Canada’s ‘The Woods,’ and Galantis ”Towers’ were both notable showcases at last year’s Coachella Music Fest in California. Both bands have been to the top of our list due to their unique blend of genres.

If dance music is your thing, then Swedish House Mafia has got you covered. The most recent EP of this band, titled ‘Stockholm syndrome,’ features four long songs and has proven to be very popular with fans. Its style is a perfect synthesis of breakcore and IDM. Fans will also be intrigued by their uncanny use of sounds like drums, samples from other songs, and sample packs from other producers. Their hypnotic vocals are backed up by high-pitched melodies.

After taking us to some of the lesser known brands, we come to Ardyss Records. Founded by Thomas Lyngnes, it is one of the biggest and longest running electronic label in the UK. While it is mostly focused on dance, it has also released a few hip hop albums. Their latest is a collaboration with French producer Arleux & Bensons, featuring legends such as Aphex Twin, Kodee, and Currensis.

No discussion on electronic dance music would be complete without mentioning DubTurbo. He is considered to be the Swedish House Mafia’s favorite producer, and has been producing high quality music for years. Many of his tracks have reached number ones in the DJ charts. His style is hard hitting, with a lot of bass. DubTurbo is well known for his eclectic approach to mixing, and his ability to put together a song that has multiple elements from other tracks.

As always, it takes a mixture of several different styles to create a truly fantastic electronic tune. The DJ that can blend these styles and bring them all together is the one that will stay in contact with their audience. With a large fan base, and an incredible repertoire of tunes, they have definitely established themselves as one of the best in the business.

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