The Best Electronic Dance Music Names From Past Years

This is the best electronic dance music of 2012. A lot has been said and seen from this year’s edition, but only the best deserve the crown. We’ve seen some of the year’s biggest and most talented DJs take their footfalls to the global web via the online world. Now it’s time to give them the main stage in the electronic dance music arena.

What makes this year’s list a little special is that it was produced by an independent DJ. It is rare to hear an artist with such credentials. However, such is the skill and talent possessed by Carl Cox, that he is able to squeeze his set right into the top ten. His mixture of bass and top-end leads is simply mesmerizing. His sets are always energetic and inspiring.

There is no doubt that this man knows what it takes to be the best. His mix of synthetic sounds and top-end rhythms is fresh and exciting. He can take a simple track and make it sound as if it was performed live on a massive festival stage. His ability to improvise will have heads spinning all over the world.

If bass and drums are your thing, then you definitely want to check out the king of electronic dance music, Noisem. He has made a name for himself not only as a producer but also as a technician and musician. His trademark drum pounding and futuristic melodies are setting the bar for future productions. Expect something heavy, and definitely impressive, from his forthcoming album. For fans who want more from noise, there is sure to be a guest appearance from one of the other UK legends, DJs Wigwear, or possibly someone from the deeply underrated band, Ambush. The best electronic dance music of the year, are Noisem’s, and we can only hope that he continues to impress in 2012.

One of the most talented producers in the UK, London’s Oliver Cash put out some amazing albums in the past, such as “Reckless” and “Take Me Away”. His style is hard edged and raw, with lots of low end bangers to boot. Expect to hear plenty of them on his forthcoming album. As far as his own musical tastes, Cash has said that he likes to listen to house and reggae. With artists such as Disclosure and Paul McCartney involved in the production of his albums, expect plenty of guest appearances on his next effort.

One of the biggest names in UK electronic dance music, Avicii has put out some incredible records in the past, including “Wake Me Up!” and “Wanted”. If you want to party hard this year, you simply can’t go wrong with an Avicii album. It won’t be the rave of the year, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a club or party where you won’t hear at least one of his tracks.

The man known as Carl Cox had released some classic projects in the past, including the classic “A Boyfriend Like You” featuring Justin Timberlake. Hopefully, his new album will not disappoint. Unlike some of the other names mentioned above, there is little chance of bumping into Cox at a club or event. He is mostly known for producing the trance tracks on vocals for fellow DJ’s like Armin Van Buenholzer and P-Love. Expect plenty of smooth electronica on his new album.

The list of DJs who have been playing electronic dance music for years is a long one. Some have achieved fame and fortune while others only achieved moderate success. DJs who break new ground by creating something new are the ones whose careers will continue to prosper into the future. They are the people who will continue to make the dance world collide into the next decade.

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