The Best New Artists and Record Labels of 2021

2021 is the year of big name electronic artists and DJs joining forces to create a massive and captivating underground crossover sound that will feature on the leading albums, and radio stations. What makes this year so special? Why are we not seeing more of the “big” electronic contributors? The answer lies in the fact that many of these DJ’s or artists are unknown outside of their native musical circles. So what makes them stand out this year?

Arty at War with Disclosure. Disclosure is one of many artists making their presence felt this year. Many mainstream artists are trying to tap into the mainstream electronic music market. But few have had the success of Disclosure. Their unique sound has kept them at the forefront of the crowd for many years and they are here to stay.

Disclosure, with their brilliant live show, is proving to the world just why electronic music should be enjoyed by everyone. They are able to sell out huge arenas while still maintaining a crowd-pleasing approach to their set. Their performances are always jaw dropping and this has made them some of the most popular artists around. With such a buzz surrounding them, it is no wonder they have cemented their place as one of the top names in the world of electronic music.

Above & Beyond feat. Arty at War. This band has been around for many years and continues to impress. Playing many shows around the world and setting new records at year end, this talented group has made fans fall in love with them time again.

Ambush at the Electric Carnival. If there is a line that you need to be on when it comes to electronic music, it has to be the long line of people waiting for a Disclosure at Electric Carnival. The legendary London outfit has been around since 1998 and is still going strong, proving they are more than capable of setting the standard for future electronic music acts. From their first album “Sydney”, this band has grown to be one of the biggest selling acts at electronic music events around the world.

Above & Beyond feat. Arty at Womelsstub. One of the more overlooked bands from New Zealand, Above & Beyond feat. Arty was created by ex-giants and has made a name for itself playing sold out shows all over the country. With a style that is unique and exciting, these guys continue to impress with their energetic sets and fantastic sense of pop.

Disclosure at Insomnia. This British band has been known for their mysterious releases which keeps the intrigue level high for fans to uncover. This year, they have decided to try their hand at touring the globe and will be playing some of the best clubs and other famous arenas. Expect a lot of fireworks and stage diving from this mysterious act that is one of the brightest upcoming acts in the electronic scene. They will definitely be one of the main highlights at this year’s edition of Insomnia.

Disclosure at Insomnia. This band has only released a handful of singles throughout the year and has done so with flair. Expect an amazing set from this London based group that includes many guest appearances. If you are looking for great electronic music, then don’t miss out on this one. They are just a great pick for those looking for something different in the club scene this year.

Above & Beyond at Ultra. One of the newest acts to join the party circuit, Above & Beyond are starting things off with a bang. They are known for their unique sound and incredible visuals. Expect a party that will keep you on the dance floor until the last song ends. Their unique style and fantastic songs have already won them many fans, but now they want to take it to the next level and challenge themselves to produce even more incredible music.

Tyga at Tomorrowland. Just as Insomnia was one step forward, this Arizona based outfit has taken another giant leap into the 21st century. They have recently expanded with a string of fantastic singles and have become one of the hottest clubs to hit the circuit. Look out for Tyga at tomorrowland.

These are just a few of the names you may have heard buzzing around in the electronic music scene this year. If you are new to electronic music and would like to get a feel for what is out there, I highly recommend you do some research online. There is a wealth of information for beginners and advanced electronic DJs alike on all sorts of blogs, websites, forums and mailing lists dedicated to electronic dance.

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