The Current Popularity of EDM in China

EDM is fast becoming a major phenomenon in China. Its popularity is being fueled by an influx of Chinese and foreigners who have been attracted by the music. However, despite the huge popularity of EDM in China and the huge amount of money it has earned, there is one very important question that many people are unaware of. How did EDM in China become popular?

How it become popular is unclear, although it’s widely accepted to say that two Australian men influenced it. One of whom is Murray Jones and the other is Marcus Miller. Although they were just DJs from Australia, it was Miller’s contribution that helped its popularity. Its popularity in China has contributed to that fact.

According to Michael Brown, an English DJ and blogger from England, a fan from China contacted Murray and Marcus. Their fan was Lin Mingling, a music producer who was looking to promote his music career. He was very keen on buying a new CD for his collection. Lin offered the duo a deal: if they produced an album of Chinese music that could easily enter the country, they would give him a huge percentage of the sales price.

Michael and Marcus agreed and soon released CD series in Chinese that included tracks by artists such as Zhu. The local population in China later liked them and soon began to distribute them across the country as well.

Today, one can find EDM all around China. Not just at live music events but in videos, fashion shows, concerts, and clubs too. One of the biggest things about EDM in China is that people love to buy CDs because they are inexpensive. One way to get CDs is to purchase them online from Chinese suppliers who sell them at massively reduced rates.

Chinese distributors even offer EDM in CD’s for sale at much lower rates than distributors from other countries. This makes it easier for people in China to buy and enjoy the sounds of EDM. There are also benefits that come along with it.

Even though most Chinese speakers do not know English, the Chinese words used in EDM helped explain the meaning of certain songs. The music industry understand the appeal of this kind of music very quickly. Additionally the language that described the music can help the listener understand the songs. That leads to no problem with this aspect of the genre.

In China and other Asian countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, fans often called EDM, “Eurobeat”. It is because the genre has significant European influence. Although some may view it as another form of Western music, Chinese and other Asian fans really enjoy its presence.

Some of the leading promoters of EDM in China are now offering services that enable foreigners to bring in CDs and DVDs of their favorite artists into the country. These services include importing and exporting of CD’s and DVD’s. They also provide online shops where customers can order their CDs and DVDs and collect them from their own home.

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