The Evolution of Electronic Dance Music

The evolution of electronic dance music is very interesting. Over the last few years a number of new artists have emerged, breaking all sorts of boundaries and creating fresh sounds. This has been a very exciting time for lovers of electronic dance music, as this type of music has always been about ‘reversing the linear’ and exploring new forms. Here we take a look at some of the artists who have created a huge impact on the electronic dance music scene.

Kodeezy – This Dutch artist is considered to be one of the pioneers of the new wave of Dutch electronic dance music. His musical style is characterized by his knack for sampling and layering traditional instruments such as steel pan pipes and wooden block drums. Since he first started producing electronic dance music back in the early 90s, his music has taken on many guises and variations.

Above & Beyond feat. Akon – Another pioneer of the modern electronic music scene was Above & Beyond feat. Akon. Akon is another one of the most popular producers of modern electronic music. His music has a heavy drum base, featuring complex drum looping and percussive beats that are characteristic of modern Dance Music.

Various genres of Music – There have been many changes and shifts in the music industry over the years. This has been the result of the evolution of electronic dance music. As the genre has developed, there have been a number of artists who have injected new elements into the dance music. These artists have brought freshness and energy to the music. The evolution of the music has resulted in its expansion and recognition among various types of dance enthusiasts. You can now hear the sound of the Future Sound System behind many of the top DJs.

IDM – This form of electronic music came about in the early 90’s when the producers Albert Perry and Ashanti became the first artists to popularize the new genre. Now IDM stands for Instrumental Digital Module. The main characteristic of this particular genre is the use of a drum looping beat, often played with the use of a Computer generated sound system. This particular genre has become very popular amongst a wide range of artists, both underground and on the mainstream circuit. With the use of new technology and new approaches to music production, IDM has emerged as a new form of electronic music that continues to change all the time.

Future Sound System – A brand new style of electronic dance music that started in the late 90’s, it’s known for its tight, dark and heavy trance like sound. The music is produced by a number of producers from around the world. The music is considered to be the ‘new future’ of electronic dance music. It has evolved from a series of tapes and tape machines, to a series of midi synthesizers and hardware. The music and style are similar to classical music, but with a new edge.

Ambush series – A new name for a well-known hardstyle producer and DJ, John Digweed is one of the leading promoters of the new style. His main goal has been to produce the most original and rawest form of music possible. Many labels are now offering this unique form of music to the industry. One of the pioneers, Kero, has released some of the best Raw Vinyl singles in history. Many independent record labels have followed suit and now offer the Ambush series as a downloadable download.

These five are only some of the many new names and sounds being produced each year. Artists such as Knife Party, Bong-Ra, Alec Empire and many more continue to push the evolution of electronic music forward. While the new music may be different and new, the fans are no less. As the music evolves, new styles and influences will continue to emerge to push the industry forward.

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