The Evolution of Electronic Dance Music on The Planet

Electronic dance music (EDM) is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of music-making on the planet. From its origins in Detroit techno and New York disco to the worldwide, mainstream explosion of these emerging styles as well as the UK rave scene, electronic dance music has truly reshaped the modern musical landscape.

Although the term “dance music” was initially used to refer to a style of music that originated in Germany, France and Italy, it has since become increasingly popular with its widespread spread throughout the rest of the world. EDM is now seen as an integral part of the culture and music of many major urban centers, from New York City to London. The evolution of EDM music is also seen in other forms of music, such as hip hop and reggae, which have both recently been revitalized by this emerging trend in the music industry.

This rise in popularity has resulted in an explosion in sales of dance-related products, from clothes, to music and DJ equipment. As a result of this, an entire industry dedicated itself to selling these accessories to further enhance the musical experience of their consumers.

Although there are many different forms of electronic dance music, such as hardcore and drum and bass, and many sub-genres within each, the most popular is undoubtedly dubstep. It originated in the late 1990s in London and has steadily expanded across the globe.

Dubstep is characterized by an extremely distorted, high-pitched drum beat that makes it sound very futuristic. In addition, it is one of the fastest growing styles of dance music. With it’s many different influences, including drum and bass, and jungle styles, dubstep is definitely a genre of music which has the potential to encompass an endless array of musical styles.

Electronic dance music is also often referred to as “progressive”. Because it is such a dynamic and ever-evolving form of music, it can change quickly from one DJ to the next. It can often take on a completely new and different sound as the scene in which it originated changes. This often results in new styles coming into the mainstream and influencing more established styles in the process.

Progressive music can be described as an amalgamation of elements of trance music with an emphasis on tempo, bass, and high-pitched drums and pulses. It can also incorporate sounds similar to jazz and hip hop but instead utilizes a beat that has a more rhythmic feel and incorporates a lot of drums, bass, and leads.

Although it is perhaps the most popular genre of dance music, it is not without its critics. Because of the fast-paced nature of many of the tracks, it can sometimes make some people feel claustrophobic. Some people also view it as being too much of a challenge to dance to and find it to be boring, although some consider it a fun and exciting form of entertainment. Many dance fans also view the rapid tempo as a reason why many other styles are often too hard to dance to.

This same fast tempo is also a main reason why techno music is so popular. Although techno was once considered a style of music which involved a lot of complex beats, it has rapidly evolved to include a variety of different rhythms, some of which are highly advanced.

Another popular genre is dubstep. Dubstep is a genre which take elements of drum and bass and combine them with drum and techno and other various forms of music, but is often slower than other forms of electronic music.

The last popular type of dance music to be mentioned here is known as reggaeton, which is a Latin style. Although it sounds similar to reggae, it is actually quite different. With its slow tempo, it tends to emphasize the beat and use much of the same sounds which are often found in reggae. It has gained immense popularity among other styles of music due to the fact that it is not overly fast, yet is able to blend into many other genres in a fairly natural way.

Regardless of where one stands on the fence regarding the popularity of dance music, it is apparent that the genre has grown significantly over the last decade. As it continues to evolve and influence many other styles of music, it is a truly exciting and creative form of entertainment which has the potential to reach many people all over the world.

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