The Evolution of Electronic Dance Music

There are many different things that have happened in the evolution of electronic dance music since it first began. Many people think that this music was started with the birth of the rave scene in the late eighties, but actually the birth dates go all the way back to the early seventies. What makes this music so interesting is that it has gone through so many changes over the years that it has really become a new thing. This is the same reason why there are so many different subgenres within it as well.

There have been major changes to electronic dance music since the eighties. The first major change came about with the development of freestyle and breakdancing. This was actually done by people such as Paul McCartney, who along with another English musician, John Entwistle, were recording using a rather primitive electronic drum kit.

The next major change to electronic dance music was with the growth of sampling. Sampling is when you take a sound from one source and use it in a number of different ways. For instance, a guitar could be played through an amp simulator and the sounds would be true-tune. But, in the case of sampling, the audio could be processed through a filter, wah or compressor.

Next up was the birth of the techno music that we know today. This was actually started in the eighties by groups such as the Chronic and Akumu Ayhami. But, what made this music stand out was the fact that it was very dark, moody and even dark in color. This was a deliberate move on the part of the artists who created it to attract a more intense kind of dance. Some of the pioneers of this techno music were the producers John Cusack and Don Williams, who introduced the world to jungle and hip-hop as well as electronic dance music.

Now, we are seeing a new breed of dance artists, whose styles are far removed from the traditional styles. Some are coming from the arts and creative areas of music like classical and opera. Then there are others who do not come from any specific area at all, such as pop, punk and even metal. Their roots may be in electronic dance music but their influences include many other forms of dance and music.

In the last ten years or so we have seen some major changes in electronic dance music. Artists like Loog Records have brought a new dimension to the electronic dance scene. They have brought back the classic soul and hip-hop feel of old vinyls but have also added the modern feel of sampling and beat juggling. Other producers like Carl Cox have produced some of the most amazing electronic dance albums in recent years.

While these artists continue to evolve and change the electronic dance music scene, we have plenty of other artists in the same scene making a name for themselves on their own terms. This is what makes electronic dance music so thrilling and fun. You never know who will come up with the next great idea, or what sound will hit and how it will influence people. In fact, the sound you hear could become the new big thing!

There is no single person who is responsible for the vast expansion of electronic dance music. These days it seems that every week there is a new artist or group that is creating a stir. Many young kids are flocking to clubs to dance to the latest beats and they have created a whole new subculture along with it. Dance is about more than looking good, now it’s about looking cool!

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