The Hottest Dance Music Meme Songs

The new wave of electronic dance music (EDM) is filled with many new and exciting songs. This has been made possible by the popularity of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube. The newest music is quickly making its way to radio stations, radio shows, and viral video sites across the Internet. This has been fueled by the fact that electronic dance music (“EDM”) is a style of electronic music that is relatively new and has been enjoying increased exposure through recent viral trends and social media outlets. This article will introduce you to the newest trend of EDM.

The rise of electronic dance music on the Internet has made it ripe for a new form of marketing: Meme. A Meme is a word or phrase that is repeated in a funny way, usually humorous, usually in an internet-based context. An example of a popular Internet Meme is, “She Smiled” (also known as “Hilarious Smiling”), which was created by artist Tim G or his wife, Holly. The couple first posted the photo on their blog and then posted the photo on their MySpace page, where it began to gain momentum.

Online users began to post the image on other websites, including Google. As more people began searching for information about electronic dance music (“EDM”), the image and the story behind it began to take on a life of its own. It has now been featured in numerous rave websites, including Coleman’s blog. The blog post was accompanied by a quote from G, where he said: “She Smiled is an urban/ rave poem. We like to Smile at our visitors and ourselves.”

Now, EDM artists have taken to Twitter to share their latest song or create their own unique acronym. The most popular, currently, is, “She Smiled Today.” Other familiar acronyms are, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone,” and “That Girl.” Other EDM songs that have become somewhat common include, “Bodi Bote,” which feature an English man talking about Bodhisattvas, and “Euphoric,” which means good. However, the use of these acronyms is not new, and is something that was already occurring within the rave scene a few years ago.

What sets “She Smiled Today” apart from other EDM songs is the subject matter. In this song, G asks the listener, “How many hairs on her head do you want to shave off?” This is a question asked by many of the more abrasive, mainstream EDM artists. G’s use of the term “hair” to describe his girl-on-girl action has caused quite a stir.

What some people may not realize is that G isn’t the only artist using “hair” in their songs. This term is often used by new age artists whose music tends to be a little bit wild and wooly. In fact, a lot of artists, such asbreakcore’s Aaron Spectre or DVB piano player, utilize the term to describe their style of dance. So, while we’re on the topic of dance, let’s not forget about electronic dance music, which is, in itself, just an extension of dance.

People will argue that if there is so much talk about electronic dance music, why wouldn’t it have something to do with music made for clubs? And indeed, this is where the term “EDM” got its beginning. However, as the years have gone by, EDM has grown to incorporate more styles and sounds. Now, hip hop, breakcore, ballroom, and folk music are all available as EDM genres. In fact, because of the popularity of dubstep and drumstep, more dance music producers are looking to create these genres to meet the growing demand.

Do you like the song, “Hip Hop”? Then you’ll love “ILove Tonight.” You can also find songs with references to drugs, violence, sexuality and more. If this is what you’re into, then you’re in luck. These songs are hot right now. Keep on searching, and you’ll no doubt find the perfect track to enjoy when you head out to a club.

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