The Weeknd And Disclosure – The Show On A Stag Weekend

The Electronic Dance Music duo, consisting of Joel Buxton and Avicenna Rashid are coming to the UK this month for their first official show. They have been making the rounds internationally as artists bringing an alternative, modern take on traditional dance music. And they have big plans for the UK – they plan to hit the major festivals and top spots at the biggest electronic dance music shows in the country. But what will be the line-up and how will you know if this is the best place to see them live?

The line-up for the Viva La Vida show in London is really not that exciting. There will only be Joel Buxton and Avicenna alongside four other very talented electronic dance music acts. This is the normal affair with most touring acts in the UK. However, you may be surprised at the quality of talent that you will see on this tour. In some cases you will be seeing very young performers and it will certainly be a cut above the standard British dance bands. So how do you decide if this is the place to see the Electronic Dance Music duo in action?

If you have been to a few shows by either The Weeknd or Disclosure, you will probably have formed some opinions in your head about the quality of the artists and the styles of music they play. The very fact that these are two very popular acts in the UK shows that there is a huge interest in this style of electronic dance music. But what should you expect from this electronic dance music duo?

Joel and Avicenna are well known for their high quality production values. Their mixes are always packed full of energy and you can tell that the guys really want to play music live. They have spent years honing their skills and creating their sound, so expect nothing less than an amazing show when you see them up on stage. As the musical acts on this tour have a passion for electronic dance music, expect the same level of professionalism from the duo that you would get from any other major act.

One of the best things about The Weeknd and Disclosure is that their songs flow together beautifully. The guitar work is sensational, as is the bass line. You can tell that the guys love playing their instruments and that they love performing. Seeing them on stage will confirm this. You can expect the electronic side of this band to blow your mind.

This electronic dance music duo has always impressed us with their performances and we can only imagine what they will bring on this tour. It is difficult to make predictions about live acts but if you are expecting the best, this act will definitely not disappoint. The energy that this duo brings to the stage is astounding and their audience will feel as though they are at the best party of their lives.

Expect to see amazing songs from The Weeknd and Disclosure throughout this summer. They are making history by becoming the first ever electronic dance music duo to headline a major UK festival like Glastonbury. Their performances will top off an incredible night.

When these two enter the limelight, we can only imagine what amazing shows they will put on. If you are planning on attending any of their shows, just make sure you pick the day that suits you the best. Glastonbury runs for three days only so there is plenty of time to enjoy the music. Make sure to grab your tickets now so you don’t miss out.

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