Three Of The Best Clubs For Electronic Dance Music In Atlanta

Electronic dance music has gained popularity over the years. It has taken over the club scene as one of the biggest musical trends on the rise. You can find all types of electronic dance music played at major clubs across the country. It has even moved into clubs that are set aside for this type of music.

Atlanta has been known for its high-energy nightlife for years. The music lovers in this city like to party all night long. Club Sundays at Cajun Kitchen on Belmont Park Avenue has been a great place for locals and visitors alike to groove to the beat. Club Sunday is a premier electronic dance music Atlanta since it draws some of the best artists from around the country to play every night.

Atlanta is also known for having a large hip-hop scene. Many clubs have turned out to cater to the demand for electronic dance music. Club Tuesday at Buckhead features some of the hottest electronic dance music around. Club Tuesday was named one of the “Best Weekend Bars” by Mix Magazine.

For a true west coast electronic dance music experience, head down to Muscle Park in Atlanta. Clubgoers will enjoy vintage tracks from the 80’s and toe jams from top DJ’s. This club offers extensive free admission and open to all before they even enter the club. Music plays a huge part of the evening here. Every night, top DJs perform throughout the night to keep the party going.

Club South Bay has been a staple in downtown Atlanta for many years. The club has hosted some of the biggest electronic dance music events in history. The club features five floors with two different levels for dancing. On a cold winter’s night, you can still feel the beat pounding away down your legs. Club South Bay even serves Champagne Flute Cakes on the third floor.

If your trip to Atlanta has been long enough, you might even pass by the Powerhouse Comedy Club. Built on the tradition of “good time and good food”, this club has been a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The club boasts three floors and is loaded with some of the best electronic dance music around. The comedy club is known to feature some of the biggest names in electronic music. Hosts include Big Boi, Kevie, and Teebee.

If comedy is what your looking for in a club, check out Club Metro. The club hosts some of Atlanta’s best comedy clubs along with an electronic dance night. Club Metro also offers some of Atlanta’s finest Asian fusion restaurants. Live entertainment includes Koala Bear, Dweezle and Mr. Roger.

These are just three of many great clubs and pubs in Atlanta that are filled with entertaining electronic dance music. The club culture in Atlanta continues to grow. These above mentioned clubs are just a few of the many that are available for your enjoyment. So go ahead, immerse yourself in the city that never sleeps.

Music lovers in the area can also experience the best electronic dance music in the world at Atlanta’s first electronic dance music club. The Fabric Tour is a monthly happening that showcases some of Atlanta’s finest DJ’s and other party-goers. Each month the party expands with more local and national talent. Fabric Tour has been featured on various television shows including MTV. The venue is located off of Spruce Street at the corner of West Prong Road.

Atlanta’s underground has finally arrived! This club is located at the former Roxy discotheque. This club is one of the most unique and creative clubs in the area. Each month the party is something new and unique.

Club Metro is another favorite in the area. Club Metro offers a wide variety of different electronic dance music from a variety of different DJs. Club Metro also has a reputation for helping open up lives and taking people from rags to riches. Club Metro is known for starting a vibe that is hard to find anywhere else in the city.

If you are looking for a place to go to escape the stresses of the day, consider some of these awesome options. These clubs have set the standard for electronic dancing in the world. They offer the best electronic music from some of the world’s best DJ’s. Their goal is to make your experience one of the most fun and memorable that you have ever had.

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