Throwing Electronic Dance Music Parties

Every electronic dance music fan should know what the rave is all about. It’s also known as the house party, but more than that it’s a massive social event where lots of people come together to enjoy some quality fun time. At one time the rave was really only popular in large clubs or underground parties, but as electronic dance music has developed so too has the interest of clubbers from all over the world. Nowadays many clubs have parties featuring electronic dance music. Here are some tips for those looking to attend a rave this year.

There is always a theme to a party, but for electronic dance music parties you can start with something simple like a beach ball. This is often seen as a fun thing to set up in the middle of the dance floor, but you can get much more creative than that. Aim for a colourful theme, if you can.

Get your guests ready in advance. You don’t want them arriving just when people are getting very excited and having a great time, and you don’t want them leaving when all this fun has started. Make sure everyone has a rave t-shirt, and there are plenty of photo opportunities too. An electronic dance music party is all about having fun with your guests, so don’t ruin it by being boring.

Have food ready for your party guests beforehand. This should include chips and salsa, which you can buy from the club. If you’re in a different city, try to find some bottled water. If you’re in the USA, then get ice and drinks at a local store. Don’t forget plenty of alcohol, although you may be restricted by legislation to serve it at your own party. You can serve drinks like beer and wine, although if you’re outside the laws don’t count!

Don’t be afraid to mix things up. Your guests are used to seeing DJs playing sets from different genres, but going out and mixing things up may throw them off guard. For instance, if you’re playing electronic dance music and rock, you can’t play both at the same time. It will be a shock to the audiences and it may be better to keep it clean, although that’s a subject for another article.

Be careful with alcohol. Some people may have allergies, so if you’re throwing a party where you’re serving alcohol, make sure you’re aware of who will be consuming what. The same goes for prescription or over the counter drugs. If you’re not sure about mixing things up, ask your DJ or bar manager before you do it.

Set the mood. If you want your DJ to set the mood, he or she will know. There’s nothing worse than coming to a party with an overactive DJ. You’ll only end up ruining the mood, which is never good when trying to keep people dancing.

Make sure you pay attention to the other people at the party. Most people will be drinking. That’s expected. However, if you’re throwing a party that’s a bit more wild, you’ll want to make sure that everyone else is responsibly enjoying his or her drink. If you do your part, everyone should have a great time at your party!

Use lighting to enhance the party. When you’re throwing a party that features electronic music, the lights are almost always necessary. Use them well! They can really make a difference in terms of providing light and atmosphere, as well as making the party seem much more realistic.

Plan for a good time. One of the worst things that you can do when throwing a party is to have problems running it on time. You’ll want to plan ahead so that there aren’t any problems. That means that you’ll need to know the date and time of the party. You’ll also need to know the theme and the types of activities that will be planned for the party.

Finally, make sure everyone has fun. No one will enjoy the party if they don’t have fun. Whether or not you’re using electronic dance music, you’ll want to encourage participation. That means making invitations with music in it, encouraging guests to wear themed costumes (which is easier if your party is dance-oriented) and taking time to play music, talk about the party, and more. At the end of the day, the party is about having fun. Make sure that you do that!

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