Top 10 Electronic Music Hits

The growing popularity of electronic dance music worldwide is enormous, with thousands of producers and DJs producing high quality audio on a daily basis. You may not become the next rave on, but there are always producers out there that produce wonderful, original music for sizzling nights in the club. These are the people you want on your WLS radio show. DJs make their money by playing the latest hits, and this is what makes electronic dance music so exciting.

If you have no idea what electronic dance music hits, there is no better time than the present to learn. This has only been in the last decade or so that electronic dance music has grown in popularity as many new DJs come on board with large label contracts and the promise of creating huge audiences and chart topping music. The explosion of Internet technology has allowed fans to communicate in ways never possible before. People can now get music and other information about upcoming shows, artists and genres at the click of a button. There are even social networking sites that allow you to stay up to date on electronic dance music hits and what is going on in your local scene.

One of the newest and highly sought after electronic dance music hit is “Pulse Festival.” Produced by the internationally acclaimed DJs Ill Communication and Donquix, this two hour long party is jam packed with popular hits from recent albums and old favorites. The opening set is the highlight of the night as each artist performs his or her favorite song. The atmosphere is jovial and positive throughout the evening. People are buzzing around the area and chatting with one another, enjoying the warm weather and the live beats of the DJ’s and musicians.

Another new electronic dance music hit online is “Waters Edge.” This compilation of unreleased material and demos from previous album sessions was recently released to the public. Just like the pulse festival, many DJs are lined up to play this disc.

If you are looking for electronic music hits, “Play” is definitely for you. This club has been going for years and is known for its liveliness, dancing and club atmosphere. While you’re at “Play,” make sure to check out the new “Waters Edge” electronic dance music hit. With over eight minutes of new unreleased material, the first half hour is packed full of high energy, pulsating beats.

If you love smooth sounds, “Drift” is for you. This is the third release from London-based musician Andy C. Yep, C. Is in the band again! He produces the electronic music and is also the co- vocalsist. If you haven’t checked out C. Yet, this is definitely an electronic music hit for you. Listen to it and enjoy the smooth sounds.

This is a very new electronic music video from Above & Beyond. Since their last major release, “ “, they have been pumping out music videos and new tracks. “Video Girl” is no different, but with a twist! Watch them do a fashion show while rapping about it on screen! This song may not be the hit that they are hoping for, but it’s worth checking out.

These are just a few of the electronic music hits that you can find online. Just remember that electronic music hits are constantly changing. New artists are coming out and people are getting tired of the same old songs. So, you just never know when the top electronic music hit will come out next. Just be patient, and you will soon hear it.

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