Top 5 DJ Music Clubs

Chicago has a great reputation for providing top level DJs, radio shows, clubs and more for electronic dance music. The home of DJs such as DJ’s Phesto, Koven, Cut Chemist and Tectonic are very popular and boast a fan-base numbering in the thousands! DJs from Chicago, you included, can really appreciate how big this city is and the opportunities available to you. It’s fairly easy to see why they love Chicago so much.

This town offers new talent every day! For example just walk down Wicker Street downtown and you will hear new DJ’s coming on the radio, new DJs popping up in clubs, new artists setting up shop and even new imprints being run by well established labels and publishers. This is a huge explosion that is happening in this industry. Chicago is seeing a surge in club culture, electronic ownership of venues and more. Music and DJ’s from all over are starting to come together in one place. There is a new energy taking hold!

The evolution of electronic dance music in Chicago goes hand in hand with the rise of urban dance culture. It is evident in the fact that more bars and clubs are becoming party locations instead of just place to go to have a good time. This has been accelerated by the fact that these parties have become the new underground oasis for the youth. Everyone from kids in college to grandmothers on the streets are discovering this new form of entertainment.

What’s really exciting about this electronic dance music in the Chicago scene is the fact that it continues to grow and evolve. New ideas are being brought to life every week and different DJs and producers are stepping up to the plate and surprising everyone with the quality of music they put out. Some of the most talented and exciting producers are coming out of Chicago and making the biggest waves in the electronic dance music scene. Chicago has truly become ground zero for electronic dance music. No other city in the United States is producing as much high quality music as Chicago.

There is something for every taste in electronic dance music. From hip hop to top 40, there’s something for everyone. If you are looking for a hip hop song, you can find it in a club or bar in Chicago. If you’re looking for a top 10 hit, chances are you’ll find it at an electronic dance music venue in the area.

If you are looking for something a little deeper, techno music has taken Chicago by storm. Tapping into a younger crowd, many DJs and producers are starting to explore this newer style of electronic dance music. Many club owners and venues are adding a selection of this newer style of electronic dance music to their menus. So if you’re craving the sounds of rave and futuristic beats, electronic dance music in Chicago is waiting to fulfill your desires.

If you are looking for electronic music that’s a little more traditional, trap is still going strong in Chicago. Home to the “trap” genre itself, these electronic dance music sets are perfect for those who are looking for a little more conventional music during their clubbing adventures. While there are still a number of DJs who specialize in this style of electronic music, you’ll find that Chicagoans have a harder time keeping up with the new styles and sounds coming out of the trap world.

One thing is for sure, if you are looking for the best electronic music in the world, look no further than Chicago. With such a rich history in the electronic dance music scene, Chicago is a leader in the electronic music world. It doesn’t matter what style of electronic music you’re looking for, they’ll be sure to have it. From hip hop to techno, Chicago has got you covered.

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