Top Electronic Dance Music Tips

Here are some of the top electronic dance music artists and performers who are hard to miss during dance music week. This may seem like an impossibility considering that New York City has many popular dance clubs and DJs. Nonetheless, despite the fact that there may be thousands of DJs and other music acts playing at least one club per night, it seems as though they still cannot cover all of the bases. This is why many have turned to YouTube to find the perfect party and music experience. The following list of party performers will hopefully make your next party or gathering a success.

First up is none other than DJ Pauly D. Known for his energetic trance music and funky beats, this California native has been described as “the Beat Dad of Dance.” He is often invited to play at parties and other events around the country. Many people view him as the pioneer of the modern day party DJ. It is not uncommon to see him on numerous television shows hosting his own dance show or being involved with other local dance groups.

If you are looking for a party DJ that has an energetic style and exciting music selection, then look no further than Tiesto. The man known as Tiesto has been playing electronic dance music since the mid 90s. Since then he has won over the hearts of party lovers all over the world.

Seattle based electronic dance music producer and DJ Alex G are another important name in the electronic dance music scene. With years of experience in both parties and DJing, Alex has set a number of records as a producer. Some of his sets include songs from his album “Omen” by Green Day, and “Haitian Divorce” by Bon Jovi. Though he is a little older now, his talent and energy have not waned.

If you are looking for a fun loving DJ who is into music from a variety of genres, then head down to Electric Zoo. This is a party location that will knock your socks off. From house party mixes to classic rockers, there are a wide range of songs to choose from at this San Diego venue. With two floors filled with awesome adventure zones, this is a great place to kick back and relax. From the crazy theme music to the classic “Zoo Doors” music, there is something for everyone in the group.

One of the top electronic dance music DJ’s in San Diego is Paul Winter. Known for his energetic sets that are set to get you moving to the music, Paul Winter has played countless clubs throughout the United States and Europe. Most notable are his performances at the famous Dance Music Festival held in the San Diego area. A few of his sets that were featured on the Oingo Night show on KMOX included songs from “Thriller,” “I Need A Loan” and “Echo Kids.” He has also worked with the original hip-hop duo Chronic City and has appeared on their album. A local favorite, Paul Winter is definitely worth checking out.

If you are looking for a high energy, fast paced beat, then look no further than Party Rock Radio. With a constantly changing roster of dance music and hip-hop artists, it’s easy to stay up to date. With a plethora of clubs from which to choose, it’s no wonder why this DJ’s reputation has grown. From birthday parties to weddings, this dance club is one of the best. With a full schedule of events, it’s easy to see why so many people trust this local DJ’s selection.

If you want to see what it’s like to work in the industry as a dj, check out Electric Zoo. Located in San Diego’s historic Gaslamp District, this indoor rock and roll rave is the ultimate in luxury. Enjoy topnotch DJ music while dining, dancing or simply strolling around the grounds. With two separate bars and an extensive list of guest DJs, this isn’t your typical electronic dance music. Look forward to a night of great food, amazing drinks and great company.

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