Top Five Electronic Dance Music Songs by David Guetta

David Guetta has been making quite a name for himself in the world of electronic dance music. He is one half of the musical group Justice. His style and techniques are very much in line with what most people associate with the genre, yet he also incorporates a new style into his music that is not commonly seen in most styles. We are going to take a look at this unique style and how he has grown as a musician.

David Guetta started making electronic dance music when he was only fifteen years old. While this may not sound like much time, it was enough to establish him as a talented young artist. He has continued to improve as an artist and has released several albums that are highly successful. Some of his best work has come from his collaborations with the legendary Kero and Russel Simmons.

There is no doubt that David has always had a great ear for music and he has consistently made contributions to various genres of electronic dance music. The first track that he produced on his own was “Harder Now”. This track became a huge hit in the UK and has been featured on numerous radio stations. Along the way he has worked with the likes of Rihanna, JLo, Akon, and many other notable people in the music industry. All of these factors have led to David becoming one of the most popular producers in the world.

Throughout the years, there have been a lot of different influences that have made their mark on his electronic dance music. Some of the most notable include elements of drum and bass, techno, metal, reggae, hip hop, and even classical dance. However, all of these elements are blended together in his own unique way. You can usually find a signature style of sound that he uses in his music. Here are some examples of this style of music.

“Starloops” is a great example of what David is capable of producing. He starts off the song with a heavy trance influenced drum beat and then quickly transitions into funky reggae. On the second verse, David plays out the theme again but this time in his own language. He then switches back to his original beat and closes the song out with a nice reverb sample.

“izers” is another track that you would definitely not want to miss if you were looking for an excellent example of electronic dance music. This is the third single off of David Guetta’s album “Piano Guitar”. It contains a steady drum beat and a nice variation on a traditional reggae rhythm. The production on this track is extremely tight and is performed by David with a heavy presence of keyboards. The result is a track that will stay on your pulse until you hear it on a major radio station.

“Ai Se Eau” is yet another track from David Guetta’s “Piano Guitar” album. This time, he takes us on a journey through a beautiful tropical rainforest. The track is accompanied by heavy strings and is performed by David while he sings and plays lead guitar. This electronic dance music favorite has also been featured on many other radio stations.

If you are looking for electronic dance music that will stick around for quite some time, “Starloops” is definitely the one to look for. The song is an example of David bringing something fresh to the table. Unlike most of the other songs here, it never goes dull or old fashioned. Instead, it constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat and is a strong favorite in many situations. If you like David Guetta electronic dance music, make sure to check out his other songs as well.

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