Types of Electronic Dance Music Instruments

When I began studying electronic dance music, a few years ago, my first question was ‘What are the instruments used in Electronic Dance Music?’ After some research, I realized that there was no single instrument that was commonly used in all types of electronic dance music, but there were several instruments that seemed to be the most popular. There are many different styles of dance music, and so the instruments used may vary from style to style. However, the common instruments seem to be the kick drum, the bass drum, the hi hat, the cymbals, and sometimes the keyboards.

The kick drum is perhaps the most popular. It can be played in a number of ways, by using two feet, tapping the foot to make a kick drum sound, and the more modern ‘waa-la’ style kick drum. Many DJs set the tempo for a song on the kick drum. Kick drums are also commonly used to give some rhythm to a song. One of the most famous songs that uses the kick drum is ‘Computer Blues’.

The bass drum is another instrument that is widely used. It can be played with the hands or an electronic pad that produces the sound. Many dance tracks have bass drums as part of the main sound set, and you will often find the bass drum pounding away to create the beat.

Another instrument that is commonly used in electronic dance music is the hi hat. The hi hat is used to play a variety of sounds, usually a percussive sound, and is played by tapping the foot with the palm. This sound is commonly found on some of the newer dance tunes. A popular DJ may play the hi hat while someone else sings or performs some other type of dance move. Sometimes electronic dance tracks will use the hi hat as a counter percussion instrument.

Sampling instruments are also commonly used. Sampling allows the producer to insert his or her own samples into a track. For example, someone could add their voice onto a techno track. Other instruments that can be sampled include cymbals, tympani, bells, and many others. They are then played automatically in the track.

One of the most important instruments used in electronic dance music is the kick drum, which is used in almost every kind of electronic dance music. It is made out of a series of shaped pads on a platform under the drummer’s feet. It is this drum that provides the beat. Other instruments are used, but the kick drum is the most widely used. Other instruments include the ride cymbal, the snare drum, and the hi hat cymbal.

Bass drums are used to provide percussion in dance music, and are often found in live sets. Kick drums are not included in a typical drum kit as they are often found on dance floors instead. Other instruments that are often found in bass sets, such as the ride cymbal, the tom-tom, and the congas are often found on bass and jazz records as well as live sets. A ride cymbal is especially useful for a lead guitarist who frequently plays lead riffs.

Another common instrument in electronic dance music is the hi hat cymbal, which produces a low pitch sound effect. It can also be used as a percussive device, producing an irregular sound, much like the sound of an animal roping. Other commonly used drum instruments are the ride cymbal (often made from a hollow steel tube called a ‘drum’ or by replacing the head of the drum with a wood block), and the snare drum (a drum with a circular head). There are also more exotic drums that have been used in hip hop and pop music.

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