Watch an Electronic Dance Music Documentary

A very interesting electronic dance music documentary that I have just seen on the internet. This one is called “EDM Vs NYD”. In this documentary they take the sound of electronic dance music from many different parts of the United States. It’s a great piece of footage.

This video takes the sounds from many different cities across the United States. It’s amazing to see what the people are listening to and what they are doing. There is a wide variety of sounds. Some of it is techno, some of it is classic house music. NY is known for more house music, though other states are starting to come on line with this type of music as well.

In this video you will find everything from southern California to Texas. NY seems to be the home of electronic dance music, but there seems to be a big political presence with this type of music in smaller cities like Dallas. Also Texas seems to be the place where more people are exposed to electronic dance music. Whether they are DJ’s or organizers or just someone who loves the music it’s spreading like wildfire.

The documentary shows cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, Phoenix, New York, Miami Beach, Detroit, Austin, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara CA, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and many more. Of course, I should mention Brooklyn and NJ. They seem to be the biggest clubs to go to. NYC has really exploded with rave culture. NYC has made it big with electronic dance music. So much so that there is now a “nightlife” inside the “nightclubs.”

One thing the documentary does really well is to state the differences between NY and other cities. I think most people would agree that there are big differences between states when it comes to the music. A good comparison would be Texas and California. NY could be seen as a huge step below these other cities with their heavy hitters like Mansion and really big party spots. So it looks like Texas and California rule the roost when it comes to club culture.

But what really grabs my attention is when they talk about smaller clubs like Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, and Miami. These are my home towns. These are my clubs I have been going to since I was a teenager. And I have never been to a club in NYC before in my life. It is almost surreal to see how much different it all seems when you watch the video.

Of course it also explains how these clubs came to be and the importance of DJ’s in our society. It’s not only a video documentary but it’s a social documentary as well. You get to see what the artists have to go through and what goes on behind the scenes. People that aren’t necessarily into electronic dance music may not get everything, but at least they get some perspective on what it’s like to be up on that stage every day. Now that may not mean anything to some people, but for those of us that love it we’ll take anything we can get.

Overall it’s a great look at electronic dance music and what is takes to be a DJ and promoter. Even if you don’t dance or want to be one, this will be beneficial information for you to take to school or even just your club friends. It’s a little bit like taking a tour through a club. Just because you’re not up on the main stage does not mean you can’t get an insight on what goes on behind the scenes.

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