What Fans Can Expect At UK Dance Music Festivals And Who Will Be Coming Along?

There is a huge variety of electronic dance music festivals available to attendees from across the UK. With annual events in London, Bournemouth and Birmingham, as well as other dates around the country, there is always something taking place. These music festivals tend to be highly focused on new talent and new brands, with established DJs and artists performing to the crowds. Here we will take a brief overview of some of the more popular festivals that are held each year, as well as what you can expect to hear at them.

Take a stroll through any dance shop in any town in the UK, and you will find an entire section dedicated to electronic dance music. These shops often run regular nights of rave music, as well as hire parties and workshops for those wishing to learn the craft. In some cases, there will even be live performances by DJs who will set the clubbing apart from the rest of the night’s music. This style of music has really taken off in the last few years, with clubs like Fabric on London’s South Bank introducing turntable sets that were originally installed by dancers on the premises. Now, these sets are the norm rather than the exception. If you are interested in buying a dance floor ticket, you will not be disappointed.

Another type of electronic music festivals is the indoor ones that take place during the colder months of the year. These usually last for just one night, lasting for three or four hours, but there is plenty of time to spend swapping tales and discovering the latest dance craze. At the last minute, fans can leave the venue and party all evening long. It is a perfect way for friends to get together and enjoy a night of non-stop electronic music, with plenty of space to move about. These are typically held in larger venues such as Leicester Square in London or Manchester’s Deans Bakers Park.

One of the most popular international electronic dance music festival is Take Me Away. This is held in New York, hosted by Paul Lavert. Each year, thousands of visitors come to experience this captivating dance show, which includes music from the likes of Above & Beyond, Koolhouse, Aaron Spectre and many others. Take Me Away is usually themed with the themes of romance, love and identity.

Another exciting electronic dance show that is held in the UK each year is Ultra. Ultra is held at the O2 Arena in London and attracts hundreds of energetic trance fans every night. The main attraction here is the massive LED screen that projects images onto the centre stage. It looks like an old movie theatre.

Each week, a different set of DJs takes over the arena, playing a variety of trance tracks. Some are classic favourites from the past, whilst others are new tracks you won’t have heard of before. The whole experience is great fun and the atmosphere makes the night well worth your time. You can also expect to see some special guests at Ultra, such as the Queen of Rock, who will be coming along for her first ever UK show. If you are a fan of reggae or psy Trance then there will definitely be something for you at this premier electronic dance show in the UK.

Festival attendees will also love to experience the House Mix, where DJ’s mix together a selection of high profile electronic dance music from around the world. Some of the well-known artists that have graced the House Mix include Disclosure, Avicenna and Carl Cox. You can also expect plenty of guest appearances, such as Disclosure who perform with producers such as Armin and Dirty Feds as well as going headlining gigs.

Dance music fans will no doubt have a great time taking part in these popular festivals. There are plenty of exciting acts to take out of the crowd, both acts that you have seen before and new acts. It’s a chance for you to experience new electronic music and meet other dance lovers at the same time. It’s even better if you can mingle with a few of your dance friends at the same time.

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