What Is Electronic Dance Music Duo?

If you’re looking to check out electronic dance music duo, then you’ll want to start by reading up on all of the various elements that make up the artists and genres that they fit into. This is especially important for artists that don’t fit neatly into one particular category. For example, artists like Google Play Artists, Bloody Fist, and others don’t necessarily fit into the ‘EDM’ category, but they definitely have their own style and sound. Let’s break down the music duo categories to better understand what we’re talking about.

Technically, there are three separate styles of electronic music: IDM, breakcore, and chillwave. Just as the names imply, IDM is the genre that is known professionally by people in the industry. It is generally identified as ‘electronic music with heavy dance beats’. The breakcore and chillwave genres are less well-known, though they definitely exist. The Wikipedia page for ‘EDM’, although it does refer to these two types, doesn’t go into great detail into explaining them beyond saying that they are “common”, though not a highly ranked type of electronic music.

Now let’s examine the four major subsets of electronic dance music. They are breakdown, classic, progressive, and fusion. Breakdown music is the one that started out being a direct replacement for drummers and was almost immediately identified by artists like Au5 and Wiwez. As for the classical/progressive categories, things like No ID, Airscape, and Blank Planet have been around longer than Au5 and Wiwez but haven’t quite reached the level of mainstream stardom as those above.

Finally, let’s discuss the largest sub-set of music that isn’t yet known officially by most people: Aero chords. These are used by DJs and producers from all over the world. As for the wiki page for ‘aerocontrollers’, it refers to Aero Chord but doesn’t really explain what it is. So that leaves us with the final two sub-sets, classic and progressive.

Now that we’ve covered the breakdown and classic categories, we can move on to the next item on the list of what is known professionally as EDM. This term can mean electronic dance music or just about anything that isn’t strictly Dance Music. It doesn’t get a lot of attention outside of the major online music forums, but it’s important, so let’s cover it right away. First off, we have the Google play site, which shows EDM downloads by people within the United States. These are mainly consisting of reworks and remasters of older songs, but there are some originals here as well. So this is where you will find the biggest variety of EDM for sale.

Next, we have the Wikipedia entry for ‘EDM duo’. This is another useful source for anyone who isn’t familiar with the term ‘EDM’. Basically, an electronic dance music duo refers to two people who come together in a collaboration, typically creating one of the heavier forms of electronic music. It should be noted, however, that there is a line being drawn between this and pop/rock music, as some producers still refer to their music as ‘EDM’, despite the fact that it is almost entirely different in tone and structure.

The third entity on the list of what is known as EDM is the music label. While there are plenty of well-known dance music stores and companies out there, the biggest, and most respected one in the industry is the independently owned Beatport. This company allows independent music artists the ability to sell their recordings directly to fans, giving them the opportunity to build a fan base that can help them make more music. While this is the case for a large portion of the world, this is also where the term Electronic dance music duo is most often used.

When looking at what is commonly known as EDM, it should be noted that it is not a monolithic group. Rather, there are three main subsets that are quite common, although they may overlap slightly. These are Club music (which is very much related to House music), Electro-swing and Techno-house. As such, these are quite broad categories that cover a considerable amount of territory for someone just learning about electronic dance music. For those who are interested in more specific sound worlds, more sub-categories within these larger ones can be explored.

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