What Is the Best Electronic Dance Music Songs Out There?

This year has seen the release of yet another great electronic album from legends such as Boards Of Canada, Above & Beyond, Paul McCartney and many others. It seems that these guys are always developing and tweaking their musical creations for years in order to make them as amazing as they possibly can be. They may not always come up with the best electronic dance music albums every year, but they sure have the more interesting ones. I am very much a huge fan of theirs and have had numerous times when I would really appreciate what they have done. So, for this very reason I hope to give you some recommendations of the best electronic dance music albums for this year.

Above & Beyond – This is actually my recommendation for the best album of the year. In fact, I would rank this as the best album of the year in my top 10 list all time. What makes this album so great is the wide variety of sounds that you get when you listen to it. From hard rock to techno to even jazz, Above & Beyond have something for everybody. Their music contains a real sense of energy and will keep you on the dance floor until the last song ends. Some of their other singles include ‘Chakra’, ‘Stereo’, ‘Don’t Play These Games’ and ‘Your Best Option’.

Boards Of Canada – This Canadian group definitely has a very unique style of producing dance music. Their music video for their single ‘Higgs Boson Blues’ is an example of how great they are at creating an intro that is so funky. The production on this track is just superb and is something that you won’t hear on some other electronic dance records. The other songs on this album are also worth a listen, such as ‘Reckless’, ‘I Decade’ and ‘Avalanches’.

AWOL – This is another great album from the AWOL crew. This is an electronic dance record which contains many different elements of different styles of dance music. There are some fantastic sounding beats that really add something special to a song. This is an album worth listening to for any fan of electronic dance music.

Boards Of Canada – This band has been around since the early eighties and have released some great albums. They recently did a video for their song ‘Wake Your Mind Up’, which you can see here. This is a great album and contains some fantastic tracks, including the bombastic opener ‘Reckless’, the atmospheric ballad’Frames’, the dramatic piano number ‘La Vida Lavender’ and the slow paced, piano driven number ‘Tears In Heaven’.

David Sitek – This American DJ and producer has really come into his own over the last couple of years and has become very popular with fans of dance music. He has released a number of hit singles including the phenomenal ‘Reckless’, ‘astery’ and ‘Everything Right’. You may perhaps remember him from such hits as ‘Come As You Are’ or from being one half of the legendary house/ Trance group Astral Projection. He is truly at the top of his game at the moment and you would do well to pick up a copy of his latest album, Memories. This is another must have for your best electronic dance music collection. David Sitek is also doing what he does best and he makes a real living at it.

Above & Beyond – If you want to find your best electronic dance music then this is the album for you. Above & Beyond have been around for some time and they have been making some amazing music for many years. They are known for arranging dance sequences that are out of this world and this is an album that will take you places.

Disclosure – This British band have been playing live for years and are well known for producing some great tracks. Their latest album, titled ‘Modern Day Luxury’, is well worth a listen. The quality of their music cannot be matched and the sheer inventiveness behind their tracks is impressive to say the least. You can usually find Disclosure at most major festivals these days so if you want to experience a live show of this caliber you should definitely check them out. There is also a website you can go to if you want to download any of their singles for free.

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