What Is The Best Electronic Dance Music Tracks?

The best electronic dance music has always been in demand. This is because it’s something that most people can get to listen to with headphones on, and this provides them a chance to appreciate the beat without worrying about disturbing anyone else in the vicinity. However, as the years have gone by, the electronic dance music genre has changed a lot. genres such as techno are now making their presence felt more frequently. While many DJs love to mix up their collections to create new and interesting sounds, others prefer to focus on one particular sound and create a special track.

This has made it much easier for people who really enjoy listening to electronic dance music to easily pinpoint which one they want to hear. With so many varieties available, there are literally hundreds of songs that can be downloaded from several different websites. Here’s a quick guide to some of the best songs out there today.

One song that’s gaining popularity is none other than Zedd. They’ve had several albums released over the years and each has been packed full of high quality tracks. This Australian band has a style that’s all their own and you’ll be sure to hear it on several of their singles as well as albums.

If you want to find something with a bit more edge, then you might want to check out Belly & Rhymes. Their song, “Tired of Me”, is a great example of what dance music should sound like. The rhythms are hard and fast, almost as if you’re watching a video of a belly flop contest. The song doesn’t exactly have a hook, but it works nonetheless. It’s got a nice build up towards the end and also has some pretty good bass lines.

One thing a lot of DJs seem to like when they’re creating electronic dance music is the use of an analogue filter. Using one adds a bit of texture to the track and makes listening to it all that much more interesting. A simple one or two-cycle filter will do just fine though. Don’t go overboard though or you’ll get lost. You can experiment with more complex filters later on.

Looking for a bit of texture and body to your track? The guy that brought us The Bangles has some great ideas. His latest album is called Beautiful Traits and features seven songs all about the bass. Some of them are slow paced, others have a very fast tempo. It’s a great collection and one that you’ll be proud to present to your DJ at the next party.

Another great artist from Sweden is Armin van Buenjongen. He’s made quite a few albums with his band No Limits. They have such a unique and eclectic style that you don’t know what you’re going to get each time you play it. This is another artist you should definitely be listening to.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of incredible artists out there. Most of them are relatively young and haven’t really had the chance to establish themselves yet. However, with enough hard work and dedication they’ll find success in the future. And the best electronic dance music isn’t going anywhere anytime soon either.

Now, for something completely different you might want to listen to something from the new album from the very talented Calvin Klein. He’s come a long way from the day he released that song about being “skinny” to this day. His new album deals with depression as well as inner peace. If that isn’t enough to get you into the right frame of mind for electronic dance music, I don’t know what is.

Another artist to look out for is the amazing Swedish singer/songwriter Henrik Brousson. For some time now he’s been producing very high quality pop tracks. And for some people those are just the kind of songs they’re looking for. But don’t worry; he also has a lot of techno music in his catalog as well. So don’t limit yourself to just those two genres. You’ll have plenty to choose from if you dig deep enough.

So, that was some info on how to get the best electronic dance music. The important thing is to find tracks that you really like and that have the vibe that fits your style. It’s not just about finding the “biggest name.” It’s more about finding tracks that will make you happy.

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