What is The Latest Single in Cape Town’s African Electronic Dance Music?

African electronic dance music is now one of the biggest genres in the planet. The main reason behind this huge popularity is probably the inherent appeal found in the rhythms alone. The percussion is what makes this music so mesmerizing and appealing. Before, when this music was first introduced to the Western world, it was mostly considered a poor cousin of popular music that had basically reached its peak and left no room for growth.

Nowadays, though, the African electronic dance music scene has found a unique place among the rest of the world. The major reason behind this is the rise of internet culture. The world now has access to African music all over the internet. It has spread the African culture all over the world and even beyond. The biggest hit in this regard so far has been “Ugliest Music” by Fatou Tambara.

This song has gone on to become one of the biggest selling songs in YouTube. Not to mention the fact that it has also been featured on various other videos, TV shows, and documentaries. This particular song alone has made millions of African electronic dance music fans go gaga over this style of dance music.

A lot of people think that Afro-Cuban or ‘Afro-Cuban music’ is just an expression of how they look. The truth is, though, that it isn’t. This electronic dance genre has a lot of variety, which is what you will hear in almost any video featuring this kind of dance music. You will also notice that the vocals are performed by an instrument like the keyboard or guitar. Some may prefer the traditional instrument used in the country genre of dance but you will be amazed at the variety of sounds and voices you will hear in this genre. Here are just a few things about African American electronic house music that you might want to explore:

First of all, you have the wonderful vocal harmonies that you will hear in almost every single video featuring this genre. The sound of the voice is almost always played backwards as it was done in the country music era. It’s soothing and makes the whole thing seem very dreamy and hypnotic. It’s not uncommon for some artists to have a voice that they absolutely love. It adds that special something to the African electronica house music scene.

Another reason that people have started listening to these kinds of songs is because they are usually very popular. This is evident with the latest single, “boa Delight”, by Akon. The song has gone to #1 on the dance charts and is expected to continue doing so very soon. It’s one of those songs that almost makes you wish you were a dj on the “binge night” at your friend’s party or at yours.

If you haven’t already guessed, the latest single from Akon called “No My Tho” is probably going to be his biggest hit yet. It’s actually called the “NO TRY” version of” Notting Hill”. Another song that is worth mentioning is “A Whole New World” by Njong. This song is a remake of “Love is in the air” by Boyz II Men. Both of these songs are sure-fire hits in the electronic dance music scene.

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